How to Wear a Winter Jacket Four Ways | Get Ready With Me

Tess Christine has style know how, and today she’s showing us how to style your winter jacket four different ways. Whether you’re going to class, or taking a night out with the girls, Tess shows you how to wear your winter jacket any place. Be sure to subscribe to PSGG for more exclusive Tess Christine episodes!


  1. i gave u a like cuz you're really pretty

  2. Hello.. I'll be in Cleveland this winter.. idk what clothing to wear especially that I come from Abu Dhabi where we barely have any rain

  3. and fifth Harmony what is this playlist have to find it

  4. Reasons why the outfit looks good:
    -She's fckin gorgeous.
    – All of above

  5. how did you tie your scarf? Please share 🙁

  6. POP Hold it dowwwwn! 

    Can we please have sex? That jacket makes you like a real cutie patootie bbs

  7. love this. your great at this do you have a channel???

  8. is the jacket still on the website? or do you have to find it in stores?

  9. I think the jacket is from zara- Trafaluc…

  10. This will be useful for winter for me! Love the first and second outfit!

  11. I love your outfits. You got a lovely smile. x

  12. I live in minnesota too! I wish more beauty gurus lived in cold weather so that I could see what they would wear in freezing weather. Love how u layer!

  13. I wish u would post more vids. Especially style and lifestyle ones 🙂

  14. Thank you ,, im gonna go to zara right now!!

  15. Wish I was as pretty as Tess!

  16. Awesome awesome awesome!!!! I love your maroon hat

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