How to Wear Hair Jewelry

Comment Question: What is your favorite hairstyle in this video?

Products I used:

What I’m wearing:

  • Shirt: Forever 21
  • Nails: Butter London the Old Bill
  • Necklace: Little Black Bag
  • Bracelets: Etsy

My Makeup:

Thanks for watching!


  1. The background in this video is wonderfully romantic! It makes a nice change to your very modern current setup ( I did notice this was a 2012 video). It's always fun to change things up a bit 🙂

  2. it's called a maang tikka an Indian hair accessory

  3. This is so perfect oh my goodness :') I might have to wear something like this when I go to see the Hobbit !!

  4. The braided bun was my favourite hairstyle 🙂 xxx

  5. I want more simple and pretty hair style

  6. actually, from that game online where you draw with chalk to get through obstacle courses

  7. why do i feel like this music is from coma red wind?

  8. Can you Please Please do a video for Different types of hair styles for shoulder hair , curly with 3 layers hair?? I wanna see some I haven't seen any and your so inspiring:)

  9. Here in Pakistan, we ladies, esp brides wear such hair jewellery. 🙂

  10. Looking for a more of a bridal look for theses hair jewlery getting married in the Sumer so any ideas will help

  11. I REALLY like your videos. I'm a new subscriber and I think you should keep up the good work. Your creative and I need some new hairstyles to do:) also do you make your own hair pieces as well?

  12. I love it. But i have side swept bangs so I'm not sure if it will look right :/

  13. I wear my hair in bangs and poofy or curly on top, how could I wear hair jewelry with that style?

  14. can u please do a video on how to wear different types of headband?

  15. middle parts really don't suit me, any way to wear the hair jewelry with a side part?

  16. where did you get your hand chain?!?!?!?! I LOVE IT!!

  17. Where did you buy your hair jewelry????

  18. i cant believe this was an actual question.

  19. You look like an wlegant princess. Would you consider to do princess hair tutorials from "once upon a time"? Thumps up guys so she can see

  20. Where did you get your hair jewelary??

  21. love the the pinned at the back one 🙂

  22. I love this video! Where did you get your hair jewelry? It's gorgeous.

  23. hi i was just asking after u have a shower do u blow dry ur hair or do u let it naturally dry as when i blow dry it, it goes striaght however it frizes if i let it naturally dry

  24. I was going to give you a challenge – do not say "go ahead and" for an entire video! But then I noticed that you actually stopped youself in mid-sentence once, avoiding the "go ahead"! So I know you are working on it! :o) BTW, you look really pretty with the big curlers in. Your face would have been perfect in the years 1600- 1700 in europe with the huge hairstyles going on back then.

  25. @danielle5850 she made it you can check the description box to find the link her friend did the video there's also tons of other tutorials

  26. Hair jewelry always tends to slip off my head and bobby pins generally to do a terrible job of holding them in place (unless I use 10 million of them…) because of how thin my hair is. Any tips on how else I can get jewelry to stay?

  27. i love the last braided bun…. so easy but looks tricky but not too much just enough

  28. hi!u have great video,i think.she's too cute.

  29. i got an answer…O_o it's the first time……
    im so happy:) thank you so much for this……
    i don't know what else to say…….^_^
    big hug from Tunisia

  30. I love the curls but I can never do them successfully… not sure I can pull off the hair jewelry but I think I'll experiment with some accessories. Thanks for the inspiration!

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