How To Wear Neutrals: The Most Versatile Of Wardrobe Staples

Here’s how to wear neutrals in a way that speaks volumes without shouting.

how to wear neutrals

Bring out your inner animal

Animal prints are essentially a neutral pattern, but they can also be used to add uniqueness and interest to an otherwise tame look. Start with pieces that are in the same color family but are made of varying textiles like stone-washed denim and pebbled leather. Then, just add a plush velvet mule, and tie the look together with a leopard-print top.

how to wear neutrals
Coordinate colors

If you think neutral means you have to forego color, think again. The trick is to pair colors that complement each other, such as brown and orange or gray and violet. We think camo partners nicely with neutrals as well, especially in the once-military-only olive/khaki combo. Add stylish leather kicks and a versatile beige backpack and you’re head-to-toe ready to go.

how to wear neutrals

Add flower power

We love getting–and wearing–flowers. Who doesn’t?! But how to work them into your wardrobe? We suggest letting the floral pattern be the star and grounding it with shoes in a neutral earthy hue. Top a pair of wide-leg pants with a chambray shirt in a color pulled fresh from the garden palette.

how to wear neutrals

Embrace earth tones

From muted moss to faded blue, soft sand to burnt orange, earth tones hit the smart-casual sweet spot, making them the perfect go-to for everything from date night to Sunday brunch. This all-occasion palette works well year-round, too.

how to wear neutrals

Turn it up or tone it down

Not only are they elegant on their own, but neutrals are an easy way to make other colors or patterns pop. On the other hand, if you want to downplay bold, bright pieces that may be too loud on their own, neutrals in dark shades, such as midnight black, chocolate brown or olive–can do the trick.

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