How Victoria’s Secret Model Miranda Kerr Stays Fit | Get the Bod

Whether on the runway or running errands around town, Miranda Kerr always looks stunning and radiates a healthy glow. The model and mother is a firm believer in clean eating and working out, the perfect equation for healthy living. Watch this video to learn just how Miranda does it.


  1. Are you guys sure that the lady telling us all of these things knows what she's talking about? Not disrespecting her, or saying that it's wrong, but how does she know?

  2. LOL I can barely hold the plank for 30 seconds! 10 MINUTES?! Respect!

  3. Um, was she pregnant? Like is that even safe or smth

  4. they're literally dissecting her body piece by piece…this is disgusting

  5. We once had to do it for 40 minutes (the plank). I concentrated on this crack in the floor board and people starting coming up to my face saying, "Keep going, you're almost done!" Six people tied for first place in my grade (including myself) and I've never done one ever again! ?

  6. I Held the plank for 3:00 minutes one time i died seriously how can she hold it for 10 minutes

  7. "twisting pose to help detoxify your body" lmao

  8. I wish I only had to workout 30 minute a day!

  9. I held the plank for 1:00. Not even close… But I was the first time I've ever done it so…

  10. Congrats on the pregnancy!!!! Can you do mommy safe workouts!!!!! 

  11. Congratulations on your pregnancy Zee!!!!You are so great)

  12. The girl showing the workout looks pregnant? Are those safe workout positions? Lol..

  13. That blonde girl looks like zoey de? Howerer u spell the last name of that jes girl lol!

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