Huda Beauty is about to launch a NEW eyeshadow palette called Desert Dusk, and a lot has been said about this new drop already. Today I’m taking the palette for a spin to see exactly what I think of it! Too powdery? Too chalky? Let’s find out!!!


  • Benefit Hoola Lite Bronzer ‣ Here
  • Rodial Instaglam Deluxe Bronzing Powder #3 ‣ Here
  • OFRA Powder Blush “Bellini” ‣ Here
  • Huda Beauty 3D Highlighter Palette ‣ Here


  • Huda Beauty Desert Dusk Eyeshadow Palette ‣ Here
  • Make Up For Ever Diamond Powder ”Baby Blue” ‣ Here
  • LASplash Art Ki Tekt Waterproof Eyeliner ‣ Here
  • Helen E Glitter Pigment “Sticky Toffee” ‣ Here
  • Huda Beauty False Lashes “Raquel” ‣ Here


  • ColourPop Lippie Pencil “BFF” ‣ Here
  • Coloured Raine Satin Lipstick “Socialite” ‣ Here
  • Huda Beauty Lip Strobe “Snobby” ‣ Here

ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ I love you.


  1. ~*LET'S SET IT AND FORGET IT!!!"*~ ?✨

  2. SLAY IT NIKKIE! as always!

    New on youtube, just create my channel and have my very first video online, if some of you guys want to go and tchek and give me some support ..
    Love y'll.
    Go nikkie

  3. You never fail to amaze me!!❤?

  4. NIKKI! HONEY! I need you're help! I have homecoming this month and I've been watching you but my makeup looks like a hot mess! Please help!

  5. Your Makeup skills are goalllssss???

  6. I have the rose gold palette and after a couple of hours it turns into an oily mess on my eyelid

  7. You need to do FENTY BEAUTY I really want to see you review it!

  8. Do a Makeup Collection Video

  9. Oud means wood in Arabic, I believe. Or something similar.

  10. It's oood and it's a traditional Arabian scent

  11. I want i’m so good as you in make-up..

  12. Love how she didnt mention how much fallout there is. And how she had the look on in the intro.

  13. Who had no idea she was from holland?

  14. It's pronounced oood it's basically a wood that has a scent to it and we put it onto faham which is hot coal to spread strong fragrance through our houses or like clothes and stuff

  15. Man. That twilight color speaks to me?

  16. This palette looks amazzziinng. Nikkie killed this look. ?

  17. love the colors, but i cannot afford that price nor can i justify splurging on that ever

  18. Twilight reminds me a lot of MAC's Stars and Rockets


  20. Love watching & sharing your on FB. You always look like you're having fun & actually enjoying the make~up unlike if of these other girls who make blank & sterile..

    Keep the good work…

  21. could you find dupes for this pallet and try to re create the look pls?

  22. Wow you are so pretty ?☺️☺️ i love ur videos ???

  23. tell the truth.. you must've got a totally different palette to everyone else

  24. This is a look I wouldn't wear but let's be honest this is ART. Very talented <3

  25. girl why do u spoil the look in the intro ill never understand


  27. I love their lipsticks the matte ones and eyelashes


  29. In arabic its pronounced ood, its a famous arabic perfume/scent

  30. I love you Nikkie
    You really so cute ??

  31. She is the only one who killed the palette FUCK HOW BITCH? HOW?

  32. You look amazing ! Nice to see you With other than nude! Love huda!

  33. Plz stop spoiling the video by showing your look in intro ???
    PS: I love you???

  34. Looks a bit like adele. This is gorG

  35. I've seen that top before from another youtuber who got that top on wish

  36. my favourite colour is pink so I am down for it

  37. The way you apply eyeshadow is hypnotizing!!i can watch it forever!

  38. I friqqin love this so much i just want to smash it on my face and wear it everyday! <3 I love orange and red tones but i cant find a pallet in the stores that has that so im like… aghh so many on the internet, want it now, broke af.

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