HUGE 21st Birthday Haul: How I Got The Best Online Deals!



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  2. Happy easrly birthday. Hope you enjoy the events you have planned. May I ask what size you got from miss guided would like to try them?

  3. Sis I’m late but I’m here & ready for every look you’re about to serve ???

  4. She gonna turn up for her birthday! Happy early birthday!

  5. Can we get a review on the shea moisture coconut and hibiscus masque? Maybe you could do it for a mask Monday?

  6. Tfs that $ saving app with us! I love everything that you bought, super cute! Can't wait to see the vacay vlog.

  7. Anyone know the song she played in the opening? Thanks!

  8. you’re literally six months older than me, like right to the day omg happy 21st hun!

  9. Australian Brands Mesiki ???? YESS girl you're pronouncing it correctly.

  10. Birthday Twins ♒️ 01/29 ??

  11. Wow we got the same birthday.. now i see why i love u so much???

  12. Liking the new hair style. Can’t wait to see a video.

  13. Your makeup looks great!! And your hair is popping too!! ❤️❤️

  14. There’s no way you’re 20 ? you look about 25 I must admit you are wearing it well ?❗️

  15. she been getting sponsored like crazy

  16. Yay! Happy Almost 21st Birthday ?! Love your channel

  17. Omg!!! This video was posted on my birthday!! Ahhh! Love u Kaice

  18. All those pieces r truely YOU!!!! The color, style, n all is YOU all day. U betta dam slay n strut ur stuff!!!!

  19. I luv saving muny! I use Ebates alot

  20. Happy bday sis. Wethr I'm erly or late I wish u the absolute best n hope u really njoy it n have much fun????? Kum Bak n let us no how much fun u had

  21. Yasssss sis kum thru ??? gorgeousness ?

  22. You should put it here too !!!! Love the swimsuits !!

  23. Omg we have the same birthday! But ill be turning 20 lol hope u have a wonderful birthday.

  24. Have a safe trip and enjoy yourself ❤

  25. We have the same birthday ?

  26. Happy birthday I'll be 21 next month February 26 go girl!!!

  27. Happy 21st Birthday ? have a great trip your looks are really cute !

  28. Happy Early Birthday Gorgeous! ❤? Im never on my social media accounts so I won't be able to see but I already know you're going to look ???. You have convinced me I need to step my travel game up I have never been out of the country. Thanks for sharing queen!! ?

  29. The day after my 24th birthday (Jan 28)

  30. love love love love your hair omg… love you too but your hair do is bombbb!!!! ???

  31. Loving the hair and makeup ???

  32. Why couldn’t your birthday be the 26th ? ? Happy early birthdayyyy ❤️❤️

  33. Lol I’m excited like it’s my birthday!!!! Turn up girl!!

  34. Your so mature and wise for 21! Shine on Queen! Your making me wish I was in my young twenties again

  35. Turn up girl. I’m going on a trip for my 21st too. We Aquarius go big on our birthdays lol

  36. My birthday is the day after yours and I’m turning 21 too! Hope you enjoy your birthday 🙂

  37. Kaice bring your old intro back!

  38. Happy early Birthday girl, your hair is on fleek!

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