Hey lovelies! I hope you enjoyed today’s video “Huge Autumn Primark Clothing Haul 2017” I hope you enjoyed seeing what I picked up when I went to Primark and hopefully this inspired you a little and also showed you what’s currently being sold at Primark! I cannot wait for autumn, definitely look out for an Autumn Lookbook from me within the next few weeks! x


  1. Omg the copper crescent moon is adorable!! ??

  2. Could I plz have a shoutout

  3. If you could check out my cover of linkin park and let me know what you think that would be amazing:) x

  4. amazing Primark haul love the chocker jumper and the fake plant in the crescent shape

  5. How would you translate pounds in American money

  6. Definitly making a trip to Primark soon ?

  7. Love all your hauls and vids no hate at all but next time can u try these on plsxxxx ly Roxi???

  8. Everyone loves a good Primark haul❤❤

  9. I was waiting for this video ????you are my fav you tuber xx

  10. I liked for the floppy bag of poo. I really don't know how to wear hats either, they never work with my hair (it's curly).

  11. I'm such a fan of your channel and i loved the video só much

  12. Wish we had a Primark here ??

  13. Your so beautiful????that blond is so cute on you and the nose piercing

  14. Yayayayay love autumn hauls soooooo much ?☺️

  15. thumbs up hun gotta to  love primark ?

  16. I love u so so so so so much ?❤?keep going and amazing us as usual

  17. Omg i cant wait for fall!!!! Im so excited:)) great haul and love everything u got ❤️

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