Hey guys! Welcome back to my channel! Since summer is approaching and i’m off to Ibiza next month I thought I would film a bikini and swimsuit try on haul with a few bikinis I’ve purchased from ASOS, Newlook & Primark to get excited and in the mood for summer! I hope you guys liked this video and I hope it helped you out with inspiration for summer and got you pumped for the holidays!

Top I’m wearing in this video: Here

Bikini Links:

ASOS Lemon Print Swimsuit: Here
ASOS Pink Ruffle Bardot Swimsuit: Here
ASOS Crochet High Waist Bikini Bottom: Here
ASOS Crochet Halter Crop Bikini Top: Here
ASOS Lace Ruffle Bandeau : Here
New Look Nude Beaded Strap Bikini Top: Here
New Look Nude Beaded Strap Bikini Bottom: Here
New Look Blue Embroidered Bikini Top : Here
New Look Blue Tassle Bikini Bottom: Here


*What camera do you use?
Sony A7s ii
*What editing software do you use?
Final Cut Pro
* What is your hair colour & what hair dye do you use?
Blonde – I get it done at the Salon.
*Where are you from?
I was born in Poland but have been living in England since I was 8 years old. I speak both languages fluently.


  1. Hope you guys had an awesome day and enjoyed today's video! If you wanna see more of my face head over to RoxxsaurusVlogs! I've just posted a new daily vlog there! Love you guys xxx

  2. love your makeup.plz a video on makeup tutorial

  3. That last blue one was the best looking on you! All of them were cute, but I feel like blue is your color and now I need to step my beach wear game up! #summerhype

  4. she looks like a barbie lol

  5. ive been waiting all day for this. love the make up. its REALLY my BIRTHDAY, can i get some like??? luv u roxx

  6. Love ur top ?❤️ where did u get it?


  8. they are all so nice! I'm wondering if the primark ones will survive the 1st wash though…we'll need an update later

  9. your wearing your shirt from the haul! I love it

  10. I literally live on an island in the middle of the Mediterranean sea with 30°C weather & own 1 bikini….I rly need to get another one

  11. Your body is amazing :O please do a workout video xx

  12. Notice it's ok for people to say skinny, but god forbid I said fat, there would be uproar!. She's slim and curvy!. That's a real figure!. Loved the bikinis ? and swimsuits ? x

  13. watching makeups, hauls.. – all this pays of in one video

  14. I love this video; your body is incredible, absolutely mesmerising! ?????? I love you!!! ?❤️?

  15. OMG I am ready for the summer <3

  16. I got the last one yesterday but you should take the last one on holiday

  17. I love you roxi all those look so cute on you and I wish my body was like yours ??

  18. Roxxi you are officially the most gorgeous and sexiest girl I have EVER seen. You work that figure babe!! Luv u lots x❤

  19. u have sooo many swimsuits, isnt it too much? 😮

  20. Ooooo, I like the white one at 3:40?body goals.

  21. My bisexual ass self is peeping out.?

  22. I love your make-up so much in this video!

  23. I'm actually surprised how modest you are. Most girls would never say they're going to return something because there's too much 'boobage' lol….. ur so cute haha


  25. any swimwear suggestions for girls with a smaller chest ? A/B cup size

  26. A normal body !? It's like to offend but your body is unreal it's so beautifull

  27. you look like a barbie doll with the neon pink swimsuit ?

  28. I think most of these are kind of ugly?

  29. aaaa I'm gonna be in ibz next month too!

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