1. Hello loves! HAPPY WEDNESDAY! Hope you guys all enjoy the old school haul video hehe! Remember to THUMBS UP if you do want to see that PART 2!! Also as usual if you go over to my instagram: @nicolettaxoyt and follow I will SPAM BUT I will ALSO be SPAMMING people who go over to my BEST FRIENDS instagram: and comment telling her I sent you ! It would seriously mean the world to me if you guys showed her some LOVE!!!


  2. Can you do a tutorial on how you curl you hair in this video?? ❤️

  3. I luuuuuurrrrrrrvvvvvvv hurrrrrrrls ??????

  4. I loved the video want a part 2 for sure and I love the leather jacket so much???

  5. those pick pants were so cute I love the color ?

  6. High waisted and crop tops are life ???

  7. You're such a nice person! And you're very beautiful! Unbelievable that you're single ?❤️

  8. I'm so happy to know that your channel is growing girl(:

  9. ohmygod you know what i love the way u speak! u're really nice and u're videos are amazing

  10. u changed my mind set related to makeup ?? thankyou soo much xoxo

  11. don't speak so much… I love you tho ?

  12. Why didn't you show the pink pants?

  13. Really love the suede jacket and the camo flanel♥♥♥♥

  14. how short are you?? I'm super short as well

  15. i love you so much! I love your style too?

  16. your energy is mesmerizing and inviting nice to internet meet you Nicoletta thumbs up hugs beautiful soul ! 🙂

  17. You deserve a 100m subscribers and more views cause you are amazing girl

  18. I wish you had linked the clothes

  19. Can you do a skinnier thigh hack ??

  20. sometimes while saving I cut myself (a lot of time XD) so yeah jeans/pants/leggings are a lifesaver for me!

  21. I wasn't early 🙁 I love the video ♡♡♡

  22. how can a garl like you be single ???you're so pretty and you are a fun personality ??????

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