Huge Primark haul February 2017 + giveaway

GIVEAWAY RULES & INFO ends 8th march 2017

I really hope you guys enjoyed this video! I have a few videos i am waiting to upload that you guys are going to love! One is a collab with saffron barker that we filmed a few weeks back, we did 10 lies every girl tells for my channel and a hack video for her channel. I also have a hair hack how to kinda video coming up soon for you guys which I’m super excited about! And if you haven’t seen it already, don’t forget to check out my last video where i dyed my hair and showed you guys how to do 4 cute hairstyles!


  • What camera do you use?
    Sony A7s ii
  • *What editing software do you use?
    Final Cut Pro x
  • * What is your hair colour & what hair dye do you use?
    Blonde – I get it done at the Salon.
  • *Where are you from?
    I was born in Poland but have been living in England since I was 8 years old. I speak both languages fluently.