HUGE Spring Clothing Try On Haul 2018!!

Latest spring trends ! How to look good on a budget!


  1. V-neck Jumpsuit – Red/floral
  2. V-neck Jumpsuit – Dark blue
  3. V-neck Drawstring Blouse – Light blue/floral
  4. Open-shoulder Blouse – Black/floral
  5. Not Average lavender t-shirt
  6. T-shirt with Tie – Black/Don’t Call Him
  7. Twill Pants with Lacing – Black
  8. Slim Mom Jeans – Black denim/flowers
  9. Elasticized Viscose Pants


  1. Keds Champion Sneaker
  2. Steve Madden Crystal Youth Slide Sandal
  3. Steve Madden Isla Mule – Women’s – Blush Satin
  4. Pearl Ankle Boots
  5. Mix No. 6 Condello Bootie- Metallic


  1. YAYYY I am so happy to do a haul video again not going to lie they will forever be one of my favourite to film hehe ! I hope you enjoyed! I linked all the pieces in my description box 🙂 Let me know any other haul videos you would like to see 😉 xo


  2. Can you film your lip care routine

  3. Can you film your lip care routine

  4. Can you film your lip care routine

  5. Can you film your lip care routine

  6. Can you film your lip care routine

  7. Can you film your lip care routine

  8. I’m living for that red romper omg ?? I LOVE UR VIDEOS :))

  9. Love you nicoletta if I become a fashion designer please wear my clothes girl love you ?????????.

  10. Can you please put together some outfits with these clothes, and especially the shoes so we can see how you wear them? I love the shoes, especially the last pair, but I wouldn't know what to pair them with. 😀

  11. Kisses from.greece kouklaa

  12. I love you so much!!! I'm from a teeny place in Europe btw

  13. Make a summer morning routine 🙂

  14. Please make a video about what to eat to gain muscles

  15. What size did you get in the rompers? We have the same body shape (ish), so I was wondering if you got a small or medium in the rompers? Thanks!

  16. Great haul and love your fashion style Nicoletta hugs from Florida ??

  17. Hauls will always hands down be my favorite ???

  18. Your boyfriend looks like Jeremy Jordan!

  19. omg girl you have gotten sooo fare. i remember when you had 300k. cant wait till you hit a million. <333

  20. Omg everything is soo cute and it looks gorgeous on you
    You should do your makeup routine

  21. Really nice Clothes ?
    Now i'm motivated to go out and look for spring things…
    Unfortunally we don't have the right weather for it at the moment ?
    Let's Hope it's gonna change ?
    Kiss, Janka ❣️??

  22. Love the video Nicoletta! You have such cute style?

  23. You make me so happy when you upload❤
    Love your channel and your videos?❣??

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