Hunger Games: Katniss’ Arena Braid

Comment if you’re planning to wear this to the premiere!


  1. Wish you would have explained more and better

  2. I love the movie hunger games

  3. Why would you curl your hair her hair is straight until she takes out her hair tie

  4. best tutorial I've seen so far. love the twist hack, first time I heard of that!!!

  5. I didn't know Glimmer had a YouTube channel

  6. I tried but it was to complicated so I gave up

  7. I tried this at the last halloween party and it wasn't easy……So I'm gonna try it tonight again!!!!!

  8. perfect or not perfect you look like katniss in the hunger game.

  9. Tyson this worked out so well for me , finally a video on this hair do I actually understand .

  10. either right or wrong I think your perfect kayley

  11. for a second there i thought she said right around your fart. ???

  12. this hair is so cool!? i am wearing☺

  13. I love your hair its an amazing colour and texture, how do you get it to go that way or is it just natural?

  14. At 53 – 56 seconds I heard a really quiet wisper of some guy and it was kinda creepy, did anyone else hear it?

  15. she looks kinda like glimmer from hunger games

  16. you look so much like the pretty lindsay lohan like BEFORE SHE WENT CRAZY

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