Hunger Games Nail Art

The Hunger Games, Katniss gets flame nail art painted on her nails before her interview at the Capitol. She continues to wear flame nail art during the Hunger Games. Thanks to my subscribers for recommending this wonderful and exciting series to me and being my inspiration for creating this video. This is the design that I will be wearing to the midnight showing of The Hunger Games movie and I hope you will, too!


  1. Ain't no body got time for that!

  2. Can you make a redo of this???

  3. i love thg imma miss it soo much

  4. Love the tutorial. BUT, just for the record. Katniss didn't wear any nail polish or anything like that when she was in the actual games. And she didn't have this nail polish or even ANY even before then while in the capital

  5. You are amazing! Where did you get the topcoat. Where would you recommend?

  6. U should get your nails done take a break already=-/

  7. May the odds be forever in your favour♥♥

  8. PEOPLE! does the way she hold her bow matter? its the nail art that counts. she wanted a dramatic cool intro and stuff. 

  9. Love this video!!! By chance, could you do another Hunger Games nail tutorial please? +cutepolish 

  10. That was an amazing idea… Never thought about it.. I was constantly tryin gthe flame part on my nails. You are so amazing!!

  11. Whenever you do this, it's so easy.. But this is like my 4th time trying o_o.. Ehh I'm a fail xD

  12. it's very beautiful nail tutorial… 
    and the Katniss' video is fantastic!! 

  13. girl thank god you don't speak like that in your newest videos, you sound hella dead i almost fall asleep

  14. i love the movie! so i really like it! 😀

  15. For those brave people who attempt to do this amazing nail art design 'MAY THE ODD EVER BE IN YOUR FAVOR!' 😀

  16. my design doesn't come off 🙁

  17. Can you do one of the hunger games Mocking jay ?

  18. The question is can I do this with other nail designs

  19. is the top coat matte? +cutepolish because the top coat looked a little matte, just asking, becuase tbh the matte one looks better 😉

  20. I think she is DEFIENTLY brunette and the prom video was blonde right? well she probably wore a wig in that one because that doesn't look like real hair. so shes actually brunette.

  21. U just have amazingggg nail art!

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