What’s up guys!? Welcome back! Today I’m doing another outfit challenge video where I bought an outfit blindfolded from Pretty Little thing… it was a mess! If you wanna see me make a fool of myself then you have come to the right place LOL! Hope you guys find this video entertaining! if you wanna see more hauls or outfit challenges do let me know in the comments! – Roxi


  • Red Cargo Pants: Here
  • Light Grey Sock Boots: Here
  • Burgundy Faux Fur Puffer Jacket: Here
  • Cream Baker Boy Hat: Here
  • Black Clutch: Here
  • California Oversized Sweater: Here


  1. everything was actually really nice, just wouldn't wear them together haha

  2. This look SO MUCH a Bratz fashion look xDXD

  3. Hey giiiirl!! I think that It could be a better outfit just by taking the hat off, and changing de sweater for like a crop top (same color of boots). Idk if I wrote everything fine hahahah i'm from Spain and i'm trying to improve my english.
    Btw love you❤️❤️

  4. That outfit would be good for the cold areas in the world???
    But I feel like u would look great in the jacket with something like a plain t shirt with jeans. Idk but yh❤️

  5. The pants and the shoes look good maybe instead of the top that you got you should put a black crop top and a jean jacket with it and a hair bun

  6. If styled right this would look really nice but without the hat

  7. Oh girl u just made my day w/ ur beautiful smile you go girl

  8. 7:22 OMG : ))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
    im sorry but u look sooo funny : ))))))))))))

  9. Love these type of videos!!!!!!!!!! Xx

  10. I actually kinda liked the outfit ??

  11. They are beautiful in piecs but together????

  12. I love your style roxxi … whatever you wear you look gorgeous always so keep doing it for us ….lots of love????

  13. This is actually okay comparing to that boohoo outfit ?

  14. The other picture dint pop out???

  15. God… This is soooo amazing ?????????
    I love the boots tho
    But the outfit ???
    You're amazing ?♥️

  16. dis was sooooo funny omg roxy ur outfit ?????

  17. I do like the trousers in combination with the shoes !!

  18. You are more beautiful than before Roxi! Never give up on your videos ❤

  19. so funny ???love you a lot❤❤❤

  20. Just wear them separately mannn

  21. This one is the bad one for sure

  22. If u tucked the shirt in it might look better

  23. If you wear all red and the red coat and hat it'll suit

  24. YOOO HOW ARE YOU WEARING THAT? Aren’t you boiling, it’s so hot in London

  25. Please do a part two.. like if u agree!!! ??????

  26. Hey….you too watch Riverdale❤️
    Hit like if u too r the fan of Riverdale

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