What’s up guys!? Welcome back to my channel! For today’s video I bought fake designer items on ebay to see how they compared to the original / real designer items such as chanel, gucci, louis vuitton etc…
I’m sure a lot of you have contemplated purchasing fake designer items on ebay before but weren’t sure what the quality would be like so I decided I would make this video for you guys! Hope you guys enjoy this video as always and don’t forget to SHARE! -Roxi


  1. Hey hey guys! Did you enjoy this video? I had fun trying out these ebay fakes! I'm always so intrigued by them and always want to know what will actually arrive at my door step lol! Anyone else?

  2. Do you have the links to any of these products (especially the Gucci Leather Slippers?)

  3. I wish you would link the items, I’m OBSESSED with the last bag omg

  4. I love your videos because it’s always so unique from others. Keep up the great work hon love you!!! Xoxo

  5. Links links links please ?????

  6. Ooh the chanel bag looks pretty ? I love youuuu and i'm always watching your videos ?

  7. Can you put the link to what you bought please

  8. Would be better if you tried on the shoes, I wanted to see how it looked on.

  9. U put the belt thro both loops then u take the extra and u loop it back thro one ?‍♀️?

  10. please leave links for the shoes and bag! <3

  11. The best moment “My mind is not pure.” ???

  12. Brands need to put it together seriouslllly! 5000~ pound for a bag!!! What the hell! ???

  13. Hey girl, can you please leave the links below please?❤️

  14. Where is that top/dress from? So pretty!

  15. The Chanel bag had a Gucci logo ?

  16. Off white is not a designer. It’s just basic, plain, boring, low quality clothes for way too much money because people like the owner

  17. Can someone please tell me what to search to find the hand bag, when ever I try type Chanel bag etc it’s never the fakes ?

  18. To find replicas on ebay you have to search for very basic key words. For example, I found the shoes by typing in "bee shoes" – then you just have to look around (A LOT)

  19. I loved this video! You are such a natural. I discovered your channel by watching other ebay hauls. Are you able to reference the buyer you bought these goods from at all? I vote part two! Xx

  20. Wow… in love with the Chanel bag. Keep these coming girl… I love these type videos. You’re the best!

  21. Buying counterfeit items helps fund terrorism. Please do your research before you think about purchasing those fake brands

  22. How do you find the fakes? When I search all the expensive stuff comes up.

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