• *Oversized Shirt: Here
  • *Converse: Here
  • *Checkered cap: Here
  • *Circle Belt: Here
  • *Black slide on shoes: Here
  • *Vintage round clear sunglasses: Here
  • *Dungarees: Here
  • *Black & White Stripe tshirt: Here
  • *Khaki cap: Here
  • *Camo pants: Here
  • *Nike Trainers: Here
  • *White shirt: Here
  • *Asos Jeans: Here
  • *White Adidas trainers: Here
  • *Denim Shirt: Here
  • *American flag shirt: Here
  • *Skinny Jeans: Here
  • *Tommy Hilfiger Jeans bandana: Here


  1. Why does she look good in everything? I'm so jealous.

  2. The first one definitely looked the best. That second outfit was awfully hideous to my opinion but the rest were A-Okay ? I saw another YouTuber make the same video a few months ago. So I guess this challenge to shop in the Men Section is a thing among vloggers.

  3. Everything looks so good on youuuu

  4. Roxy u look beautiful in each and every outfit?? love you❤

  5. Were the camo trousers Bape? 😮 and omg u look amazing in everything omfg ????

  6. Dark hair looks beautiful on ya ??

  7. Can you buy something in the kids secson

  8. Why don’t u vlog these outfits for a 7 day challenge and where u wear these outfit out for 7day, u definitely rock these outfits ???

  9. Tbh I don't really know what she means when she talks about her "curves",like girl.. where?!…no hate tho ✌

  10. Hearing you say Dungaree instead of overall or coverall was a little bit weird for the uncivilized Americans ?

  11. I liked the old unisex Levis. Can go by waist and inseam. Doubt they make those anymore. They did fit better.
    Not bad combos. Liked the last for outdoorsy stuff. Hiking, fishing, etc.

  12. Yeah girls a tip buy jeans from the men’s section because they fit just as well, they’re comfortable and they actually have POCKETS THAT YOU CAN FIT SHIT INTO

  13. I really love the looks on the video because they all suits you?,but at the end of all they are men's?(Love you Roxxiee????)

  14. The colour of your shirt fits you very well ?

  15. Btw your body is goals you would rock any outfit xx

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