I Do My Husbands Makeup | Laura Lee

Hey Larlee’s I did my husbands makeup ha ha ha, goodness we have so much fun filming this video. Tyler and I have been together for over 8 years ( highschool sweethearts) 🙂 We have a very silly relationship and we consider each other BFF’s. lol just a little background on us. He promised you guys when I hit 1 million subscribers he would let me do his makeup in a video so YAY here is it! I hope it made you laugh a little i love you guys xo- Laura

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  1. I know I'm late to the party but y'all are so stinkin adorable and he is such a team player. Way cute! ??

  2. This is the funniest and cutest girlfriend doing bf makeup❤❤

  3. Omg so funny!!! ♥️♥️

  4. I've never laughed so hard at a couple because of their awesome ass personalities. y'all crack me up it hurts ????

  5. I was having such a bad day:(, thanx for making it better laura:)

  6. OMG LOL ?
    Laura: "who is the girl texting you?!"
    Tyler: rob

  7. he is the worse client ever ?? he moved SO MUCH lmao love you guys !!!

  8. I LOVE your lip color. Please share! 🙂

  9. he is so cute ,did he call you cake face?

  10. ooooh my gosh I'm DYING LAUGHING!!!!!

  11. These damn sound effects you guys use are freakin hilarious!! Love it

  12. I've begged my husband to let me do this!!! You both are so silly and I love love love watching all your videos ?

  13. Girrrrrlllllll! You look like the current MISS UNIVERSE Iris Mittenaere

  14. I couldn't stop laughing this video is hilarious

  15. I absolutely love y'all together. ?

  16. LMAO!!!! You guys are sooo cute! ??❤❤❤

  17. The lips part had me dying?? I got in trouble for laughing so much ?

  18. "How come my face isn't golden like yours always is" love how he pays attention to those details!!? you two are the cutest ?

  19. i want more videos of you two.. I have watched almost all and now I don't wanna stop.???

  20. Tell me why he totally works the makeup look ? Laura had his skin looking FLAWLESS

  21. I find it crazy that a lot of make up youtubers' husbands or boyfriends have thicker eyebrows than them ?

  22. can you test out lipsense and do a review?

  23. yyou guys are my favorite yuotubers

  24. I love you to you guys are my favorite youtubers

  25. "There's so much loose eyebrow hair"
    "Excuse me, loose? Is it not attached?"

  26. Their funny faces hahahaha

  27. Love this video lol I wish my fiancé would let me do that he'd flip

  28. Tell me why he looked better??? ??? lol

  29. it give me joy to see when your life partner wanna do this with you…is so amazing

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