I Dressed Like Bratz Dolls From The 2000s

I was always a big fan of Bratz doll fashion, but I was never allowed to dress like them back in the 2000s – so I decided, as an adult, to fulfill my childhood dream of dressing like a Bratz doll! So I found 4 outfits that mirrored the outfits of 4 of the Bratz dolls from 2001-2003, and spent a day dressing like each doll. What do you guys think? Do you miss Bratz dolls?


  1. HELLO FRIENDS!!! i finally fulfilled my dream of dressing like a bratz doll, which was even better (and worse for my feet) than i anticipated. which outfit was your fave?? xoxo, saf

  2. I used to have a Bratz but I never noticed that the doll is a Bratz…

  3. 11degrees isn’t actually that bad in Britain

  4. Oof, the boy in black at 5:22 was me cringing at the commercial

  5. im wondering now how bratz dress today? they probably get their outfits from Fashion Nova.

  6. OMG I loved brats but my mom hated it because of their name and the fact that they wore crop tops…?? LOL LOL ??

  7. I loved Jade's outfit recreation! I identified with Yazmin more than Sasha back then though. still have my doll somewhere…

  8. You should try dressing as Polly pocket dolls.


  10. Yasmin and Jade's looks are honestly iconic, I want Yasmin's entire outfit and Jade's fuzzy jacket!

  11. Where'd you get the clothes????

  12. Perhaps the shoes injured their feet and amputation was necessary

  13. Where’d the shoes on Yasmin come from. Oh my

  14. my mom never really let me have a bratz doll… i guess she thought they were too sex and the fact you could detach their whole feet was a little unsettling

  15. OMG I’m having flashbacks. My favorite doll was my Sasha doll and she can with this jean jumpsuit and twists in her hair. I remember thinking she was so pretty! I would have been 6 in 2001! EVERYONE had Bratz as a kid 🙂

  16. I have all of my twenty five bratz and three bratz boyz and five bratz babiez and I’m twenty two lol

  17. My I'm always banned me from playing with bratz dolls RIP

  18. I was born in 2004 and I even played with Bratz. I had 7 dolls and I actually miss them as dolls.

  19. First time i see your videos, you're really funny, and i love your voice, subscribed

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  25. Petition for her to get her own doll!

  26. you looked and sounded a lot like Victoria Justice in this video

  27. I enjoy your videos, but you kinda talk like a computer.

  28. Mount Baldy

    Baldi's basics?

  29. I still play with Barbie dolls and I'm ten

  30. i just love how much you care for us and work you put into each video like you are willing to drive an 1 hr just for a clip like that is awesome

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