I Dressed Like It Was 1977

I styled 3 outfits inspired by the popular fashions of forty years ago! From the polyester pantsuit and ascot-wearing wonder women, to leather-clad punk music fans and disco dancing queens in jumpsuits and metallic accessories, I had a great time pretending it was 1977 and exploring fashion history through one of the most iconic decades – the 70s. Let me know what you think of my ~lookbook~ and if you want to see more of these!

A huge thanks to Kayley Melissa for rocking out this 70s hair!


  1. HELLO FRIENDS!! welcome back to another installment of fashion throughout the decades!! we just have one more before the year is over… what did you think of the 70s outfits?? & sorry for the misspeak! it is *siouxsie sioux from siouxsie and the banshees! <3

  2. Safiya's voice is so soothing that I just can't stop watching her videos

  3. 4:17 : I feel like a investigative reporter
    Joey:So there is Safiya Nygaard wich is really smart in escap the night

    And something more ironic
    the period that the season was set:1970's

  4. Anyone else noticing how punk Safiya looks in a punk outfit? That sounds really dumb but I feel like anyone who's been/into an alternative fashion scene understands. Like, for example, if you put the average non-goth in a goth outfit, they look like a non-goth in a goth outfit to any actual goth. If I were a punk walking down the street and saw punk 70s Safiya I'd just go over to say her look was awesome. 😀

    Oh, and by the way Safiya, yeah! I used to wear a big ratted up mohawk every day and shaking it upside down was literally the way I kept it floofed any time it threatened to deflate. Headbanging is an effective styling technique! (Or asking a friend to stick their hands in it and go nuts. I never combed it or used conditioner and by the time I went short it was just a MAT.)

  5. 4:18
    Safiya: This outfit makes me feel like an INVESTIGATIVE REPORTER

  6. Ah 1977 the yer a movie scared us from prom

  7. I love your videos so much omggg


  9. Saf im PISSED you didnt wear any of these for escape the night…

  10. The seventies is my favorite era

  11. in the jumpsuit one you looked exactly like my mom when she was young in the disco era. She used to hang out at Studio 54 with her wealthy boyfriends. It's such a gorgeous LEWWWWWWWWWWK

  12. iv been to that roller skating rank beffor

  13. Make sure you don't panic at the disco.


  14. The Investigative Reporter, where does that sound familiar.. (2018)

  15. 1977 brought us Gerard Way :,)

  16. The fact that she mentioned that she feels like an investigative reporter is soo funny since her role in Escape the Night 3 is literally "The Investigative Reporter"

  17. But now, you are in Escape the Night 70's Era, and u are investigative reporter. What a coincidence

  18. My mom had the Farrah Flip, she looked great

  19. Your first outfit looks like the outfit you wore in escape the night

  20. Let's pay attention to the fact that safiya play an investigation reporter in escape the night and that the outfit in the show the has some the accessories in the first outfit

  21. Come through escape the night season 3 style haha

  22. Neck up is Linda from Bob's Burgers, love this look though <3

  23. 12:45 that person in the background fall was so funny

  24. OMG!!! She predicted who she gonna be in etn s3!!! ???

  25. Let’s add to the list of all of the people that where born. My mother

  26. “My hair is ‘Fawcetting’ away”. XD

  27. That flaired hairstyle is back, along with the jumpsuit.

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