I Dressed Like It Was 2007


  1. HELLO LOVES! What do you guys think of this video?? What year do you want to see next?? I hope you like it! Love, Saf

  2. I still have my little black vest because its so cute, Im holding onto it for it to come back around 🙂

  3. I was 16 that year and that is also the year my still current boyfriend of 11.5 years started dating! Right at the beginning of the year in January !!!!

  4. i still have that exact same flowery converse omg

  5. In 2007 i was four sooo cant relate

  6. And I was born in 2007 and tommorow is my Birthday so can I get 5 likes.

  7. You dressing like people I know bow.

  8. the inclusion of fall out boy is slaying me

  9. 2007 ahh…… the year i was born….

  10. OMG your from Chicago?!!??! SAME!!!!

  11. Well I was a blob in 2007

  12. 2007 was also the year that introduced ME to the universe. Btw you're awesome 😀

  13. as if the tanktops and henley shirts weren't long enough, we always pulled them down to cover the entire butt of our flare jeans. rip 2007 ?

  14. my mom gave me the same shirt in the last outfit when i wuz 5???

  15. Can you do more of these please ?????

  16. I was wearing diapers in 2007 ?

  17. That was the year I was born ummm ok

  18. Guess what I was styling in 2007……… A DIPER AND A BLANKET! And guess how old I was…… 0! Lol

  19. She mentioned deviantart and not quizilla? Tsk tsk

  20. You should do 1940/50s!??????

  21. I was a newborn in 2007

  22. OMG MY SISTER WORE THAT EMO ONE AT THAT TIME FRAME btw the style I'm talking about is at 8.00

  23. Anyone born on 2007 here??

  24. Watching this makes me so nostalgic ! I was 12 in 2007 and this is exactly how I dressed.

  25. The year 2007 also bought me to this planet.

  26. June 2007 is my year of rocking the sperm look finger guns

  27. 0:00 to when she was finish I was brought into the world

  28. Outfit #1 was my go to outfit in 2007 ??

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