What’s up guys!? Welcome back to my channel! for today’s video I have another summer primark try on clothing haul for you guys! I haven’t done a Primark haul in a while and since I’m going away on holiday soon I thought I would see what summery clothing they have at the moment. Hope you guys enjoy! – Roxi


  1. Hope you guys enjoy today's video! I'm back with a good old Primark haul! I will be posting a weird makeup products testing video on wednesday for a little break from clothing videos so stay tuned!

  2. Im going to cornwall ❤❤❤❤

  3. Love that you are showing the items on now!! ???

  4. Loved the vid, primark is killing it! Feel free to check out our new makeup channel! Kids do our makeup, no mirror challenge &a more! ??

  5. Love your videos so much ? Love everything you bought ? You are so stunning ?

  6. Loved this video but how did that add up to £200 that seems very expensive for what you bought

  7. Anyone else think that blue stripey jumper top looks exactly like the ones they do in topshop in yellow and pink but you got it in primark for £7!!! nice bargain girly!!!!! xx

  8. I wanted that jumpsuit so bad but they didn’t have my size!? love the vid as usual xx

  9. She did a 3 minute outro for the 10 minutes only so she get money for the video…

  10. Please be carefull with putting valuables in a backpack on holiday, especially if you're traveling to a very touristic spot. Robbers often make a cut in the bottom or the side of a packback to get your stuff while someone else distracts you!

  11. I don't even have Primark in my country why am I watching this hahaha

  12. Who else wants to shop with her ?✋✋✋✋✋✋✋✋?

  13. Liked the the vid! Be carefull with the backpacks on holidays, they make it easier for thieves to steal your stuff! Would be a shame if you lose the vlogging camera.

  14. I leave for L.A in just over a weeks time ❣️

  15. I saw this video and watched it but then I ended up watching all of her clothe videos ?

  16. I'm going on holiday to Ocean City, Maryland, USA

  17. Where you going on holiday with those beautiful clothes ?! I am too… to the Caribbean ?

  18. Can’t wait for payday! ???

  19. Where do you usually shop for your clothing in general? 🙂


  21. Just wen shopping, now I want to go shopping again

  22. Me in Primark:

    thinks I am going Disney next week with my school so just find something with Mickey mouse on something or whatever-
    sees dresses and tops whilst going up the escalators
    picks up one
    sees one even better and also picks that up
    sees something better then that and buys one in every colour
    picks up a few jewellery pieces to match them
    also HAS to pick up a couple of pairs of shoes to match them all
    gets to checkout and realises I don't have enough money
    -has to takes out most items ;(

    Btw when are you going Disney and which one are you going??? I didn't realise you were going disney until half way through writing this so it was honestly coincidental. I am going from the 6th to the 8th of July and to Paris with my school <3

  23. I'm going to the UK! Brighton, to be specific. I am super excited!

  24. You are the best youtuber! Since I first saw your videos I admire your energy and positivity!??

  25. Nice black screen at the end to get to 10 minutes.. what a cheap move dislike

  26. Love your Primark hauls hun! What kind of shoes would you wear with the jumpsuit during the day? Xx

  27. I love the light pink T-shirt so cute!

  28. Girrrrrrl … I'm calling shopaholics Anonymous… LOL ???????????

  29. is a pound eaqual to a dollar?

  30. I saw you in Primark on Father’s Day!

  31. I have the white pumps/shoes too, they're lovely!

  32. I love your clothing hauls?✨ can you please do a closet tour???

  33. I wish primark was available internationally , or available in my country. sadly I can't buy their products online. Hopefully in the future they'll consider opening more stores worldwide and online shopping worldwide.

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