I’ve been doing a load of one brand testing clothing hauls lately such as the I spent $700 on fashion nova and I bought fake designer items on eBay video and you guys seem to really enjoy them!

So in today’s video I decided to do another I spent video to try out clothing from wish! Is it a hit or a miss!? Are the clothes actually good quality considering how affordable they are? Let’s find out!


  1. What did you guys think about the clothes I picked up on Wish!? Some were literally a complete fail in my opinion!!! What other videos would you guys want me to do in the next few weeks! I'm always down to do your requests! Love you guys! – Roxi xo

  2. I brought the not your baby jumper. I rolled the sleeves up and it looks better

  3. Love your videos! Especially the ones where you test stuff from different websites and shopping hauls. Love you, girl! ✌????

  4. Please please please do zafulllllll version of thisss❤️???

  5. girl what lipstick are you wearing in this ???

  6. You beautiful I love you ❤❤❤??

  7. Try AliExpress clothing/makeup!

  8. It is really hard to keep track of all the YouTubers i have subcribed to, I really need to clean my YouTube. Also, I was literally trying to find a wish video yesterday, thank you Roxi!

  9. I love some videos??????
    You are so beautyful????

  10. Can you give links to the items you bought ??

  11. I. Need. That. Cat. Top?? Amazing

  12. Can I just be you please I would literally look like a potato in most of this stuff ?

  13. I ordered from wish 2 months ago and still haven't received my item hahaha *cries

  14. that grey top is from a brand called rip n dip hahaha wtf

  15. how can someone be so gorgeous?

  16. Thank you Roxi for an excuse for not practicing maths ???

  17. I really like this kind of videos

  18. My brothers girlfriend oderd highliter off of wish but it came out like nail polish

  19. Wish sells China sizes which are waaaaay different than regular sizes. I also feel you need to realize this is cheap clothing and you paid very little for it, its going to be cheap! Every post I've read on wish says the color may vary due to monitor differences smh you complained about everything and it was very repetitive especially since it's Wish! It's cheap and if you expect higher end then you pay for it smh

  20. Oh my gosh roxi, I love watching your video's?your video's are so nice to watch and sometimes you make me laugh!!

  21. Do one with Shein or Zaful clothes?

  22. Loving your makeup in the videooo???

  23. you looked stunninggg in the two dresses wowowow??

  24. Can you do a video on the shop zaful? Love your videos by the way!

  25. please film the tutorial for this makeup ?

  26. Pleaseeeeeee do a SheIn haul please please please!!!!???

  27. I'm obsessed with wish. I have a serious addiction to it lol (help)

  28. I love your hauls?
    Your make up here looks amazing on you Roxi?

  29. The models waist was so photoshopped on the photo of the grey dress!!! ??

  30. I ordered that exact same middle finger cat top from Wish last week ?

  31. I'm a new person in the dinosaur family

  32. Amazing Video like always! I'm actually Early for once!! I beat my record!! Yasss! Love you! xx

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