Hey guys! In today’s video I decided to do another “I spent £” type of video.. this time I spent £400 on Boohoo.. I managed to pick up some pieces from the new Zendaya Edit as well which i’m excited to try on for you guys! Let me know what other brands you’d like me to test out next.



  1. Hey my lovelies! I hope you're all having a lovely wednesday! It's time for another I spent £££ video to break my bank account even more! HOORAAAY! I hope you guys enjoyed this, I've got lots more exciting videos coming very soon so don't forget to hit the bell button to stay notified and to stay in the loop! I love you guys soooo much, please always remember that! -Roxi

  2. Wow! This red pants is a bomb ! And the "clueless" skirt fits you very well ! ? but… what is this awesome highlighter you are wearing ? ?

  3. The clothes are really cute

  4. how can it all add up tp £400 im shoketh

  5. Your videos are so cute? they make my day❤️❤️❤️

  6. Do showpo.!! I love this store and similar styles for better quality i think!!

  7. Hey I love this but I feel like the intro ruins the video, it shows us pretty much all the clothes so I just clicked pf

  8. The yellow dress at the end??
    I like it❤

  9. Please do a video for desire wear. I love your videos

  10. Your the best ???

  11. at least you have a bank account worth breaking oops

  12. i got the shorts today and i could not pull them off my god… l got the blue bodycon dress as well and I love that one!

  13. Where is the top you’re wearing from ?! Xxx?

  14. I love the red trousers on you!! Shame about the button

  15. Omggg so preety but think is little fake

  16. 11:20 is it just me or do the shoulders stick out a bit? x

  17. Love you so much ❤❤ Your videos are so funny and make me smile ??

  18. I think you should try to buy stuff on insta , Like choose a site on insta and buy stuff and review it

  19. You should curl your hair it would suit you soooo weeellllll ????

  20. If the red white dress was shorter it would be nicer

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