Hey guys! Today I have a summer fashion haul from Zaful! you guys always tell me in the comments you would love to see a Zaful Try on Haul so here it is! I spent $500 on zaful for this haul and this is what I got! They have also kindly provided a discount code for you guys too so happy shopping!!

    Coupon Code: ZFP2018 (ZFA2018 for Zaful App Only) Valid Until 31/12/2018
    All orders with over $30 save $3, over $50 save $5, over $80 save $9, over $100 save $12, over $150 save $18, over $200 save $24, over $300 save $36.



  1. Favourtie youtuber??? love you

  2. Would you do Victoria Secret, or is that a little too daring?

  3. I have a hard time believing that everything you ordered from Zaful was 100% perfect….. it doesn’t seem like an honest review

  4. You look beautiful in all the outfits
    #your the prettiest person

  5. You should do strangers pick ur outfit

  6. You are so beautiful roxy?

  7. excuse me you are a lier you did not spend 500 dollars I actually calculated everything to be 374.8 dollars so yeah don't lie about how much you spent.

  8. Great haul 🙂 I love bardot tops, trendy still or not. It is just so feminine and cute❤
    Romweee yaaas!

  9. Should do a instagram followers control my life for a day

  10. Could you do a Romwe haul please?

  11. I live for these video and I'm broke??

  12. Love these videos but didn't like this one so much.. Prefer seeing it on longer than a second

  13. Your style is so cute!! Every piece that you choose I love it

  14. Can you do Romwe please ?? love you videos xx

  15. Why are ur haul videos so interesting

  16. i love how you’re so positive about everything !!❤️

  17. I waited all day for this vid ?❤ily

  18. Bardot Bardot Bardot Bardot Bardot Bardot Bardot Bardot………………………. ??‍♀️

  19. i think you should do a video on " no basically, short of and kind of " in your next video.. ? it'll be soo much fun to watch. a game type.. ??????
    anyways, you got a nice body ?? and lovd your all previous videos.. ??

  20. Love you and your videos so much ♥️♥️love watching your videos after a long day at work or generally a bad day, love you Roxi ♥️♥️

  21. Please do instagram followers control my life for a day and please text the new revoloutinon palletes (tammis and carmis) xx peng as always??❤❤ #notificationsquad

  22. Who is like when they add a comment they like for their own comment. So let’s play a game if u are like that just like? And if you don’t just comment

  23. Am I the only one who misses her honest reviews?? 500£ and everything is supercute or adorable??? Roxie I'm starting to get a lot of ad. Video vibes here?. DISAPPOINTED

  24. oh my god you actually liked my comment?!?!?!? I LOVE U ROXII

  25. I have the same dress (1st) and I bought it in Romwe, it's made in a very bad quality but I love it ?

  26. Hey, show us how big is you wardrobe, it must be unending 😀

  27. you are so beautiful so anything would just look amazing on you

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