I Tried Demi Lovato’s WORKOUT !


  1. Thank you so much for all the birthday wishes on friday made my entire day ! your love and support seriously means so much to me ! love you all ! comment your birthday down below 😉

  2. Happy belated birthday!!! I'd like to see JLo's workout!!

  3. August 27th (: I will be 23

  4. Happy late birthday beautiful ❤❤❤❤❤❤

  5. Happy birthday
    My birthday is on the 15th of October

  6. Im late happy 1 day late birthday!!?????????????????????

    My b-day is on April 2nd

  7. Happy birthday my birthday is on April 7

  8. November 9th and HAPPY BIRTHDAY ?

  9. My birthday is november 16th, and I was born 2002

    Mine is May 3rd (:

  11. +Nicoletta xo Happy Birthday!!!!?????? my bday is on May 31. Can you do Alexis Rens workout and diet?

  12. I would love to like your video and happy late birthday but your at 666 like lol my birthday is April 4th

  13. Happy birthday!! And my birthday is April 21!

  14. JENNIFER LOPEZ!!!!!!!!!! And HAPPY BIRTHDAYYYYYYY ????? my birthday is 4th July

  15. My birthday is December 5th

  16. Mine is October 24 same as drake

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