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Yep, I tried following a Khloe Kardashian hair tutorial for wet hair waves! It was…not what I was expecting.

Here’s my transformation in to qween koko. I do love her hair and she was the OG inspiration for my hair color. I’ve also been really interested in playing around with more wet hair styles. I hope you guys enjoy this whether you’re into kuwtk / the Kardashians or not!


  1. my hair looks like that when I let it airdry! hahaha

  2. I need to know what that orange lip is! Its gorgeous

  3. i wasnt sure if you knew so i wanted to leave a note
    your #kayleymelissa is spelled wrong on your banner <33333

  4. I love your personality! You seem like such a nice person to be friends with <3

  5. I love that you're honest about it. What straightener did you use?

  6. This hairstyle looks amazing on you! 🙂 Makes me want to try the s wave method out. I'd never heard of it before.

  7. I feel like I try that trend every time my hair is greasy as I don't have time to wash it.

  8. Really liking the very honest format of video ?

  9. After shower add some mouse through out your hair and boom same thing lol been doing it for years

  10. I think you did the sections too big in the S wave.

  11. “This feels like a trap” ?? Every husband ever!

  12. Could you do a video on curling with a flat iron?

  13. This was actually really helpful for me, thanks! My hair's natural Wave is actually really similar to this and sometimes i need to fix some strands but they always look like ringlets and you have taught me a new technique today!

  14. haha if I want my hair to be like this, all I have to do is air dry it

  15. Have I gone back to high school? ?

  16. I have long hair that is curly underneath and then wavy with patches of straight hair at the top layer. I wonder if she could ever do a "15 minute/ 20 minute" hairstyle video on what to do with combo hair like mine lol. I either have to go through and curl it all or straighten it all and its so annoying!

  17. OMG Could you please re create more celebrity hairstyles ?!?!?!?!

  18. Haha, i love that my natural texture is coming back shower, gel scrunch and out the door

  19. I think if you braid it on damp hair and let it dry you could get the same look. It would be a good heatless alternative

  20. WAY too much work! So, when I want to get some "s" waves, I braid it while it's damp, take it down in the morning and then do all the product scrunching, etc. 🙂 Same result, less aggravating and "no-heat" waves.

  21. The name of your lipstick please !!!!

  22. Please please please do a friends inspired hairstyle video 🙂 Love your channel <3

  23. Kayley, could you do some hairstyles from the Vikings please. Thank you in advance

  24. I get this look by doing two French braids in my damp hair and then sleeping in it. Why do all this work when you don’t actually need to?

  25. Love this video Kayley. For a curly wavy girl here, if I slathered the oil "liberally" after my hair air dried with leave in conditioner scrunched in my hair already.. this would be the outcome but my hair is thin so it ends up way non proportional to my huge face. Normally do that to tame my frizzy hair never knew there was a name for the style.. my disadv would more or less be volume to my roots for sure.

  26. Cant believe Jason got It!!! Congrats!
    Congrats to you too! Lovely hair!

  27. I love the new “let me see how this goes” type of video! Makes me feel better about how long it takes me to get a new style!

  28. nice look but too much product for me ut you can pull off anything ❤️

  29. My hair is naturally "wavy" after i shower and brush my hair i add volumax hair gel and some hair spray and after it air dries it looks just like this. Lol. And since its easy its my go-to. ?

  30. Kayley, what happened to the bow hairstyles video? Is it gonna be a reupload? Love you anyways. Also, please make more work to night hairstyles especially for short hair, long hair and curly hair!

  31. this was awesome! Please do more videos like this! 🙂

  32. while you did a great job on recreating the look, I'm not a huge fan. I love the wet hair trend especially during the warmer months, because I hate blow-drying my hair during summer. It's too hot to blow-dry during summer. Looks great even though it's def a look I wouldn't try to recreate (at least not now). BTW love the call to the husband and that he got the question right. Good husband <3

  33. That looks really cool and somehow has an 80s vibe to me! 😀
    I have really fine hair and even if I just let it air dry it's totally straight. Like straighter than some people's hair after taking forever to straighten it. Also, it hold's curls really badly. Even if I try tricks like letting it cool down in a curled shape and spraying it with hairspray for each curl individually- it just doesn't want to stay curled and "bounces back" to being straight after about an hour.
    However, I will totally try this out! I'm totally mind blown that the wet look is achieved with oils, not gel- but that makes so much sense 😀 And the gel in the roots in interesting too. I always thought, gel was just for messy hair looks on guys, but I'm totally intrigued to try it on my long hair now 😀
    PS: You look so happy and come across so bubbly in this video again. It seems like you are in a better state mentally than you were a couple of months ago. I'm happy for you :)))
    <3 from Berlin, Germany

  34. I actually love doing S-waves I was taught to call them “rockin waves” in cosmo school and it’s so great for medium-short length hair. Never looked like Khloé though ?? this is a great look on you

  35. I did this wave technique all through high school and had no idea it was an actual thing!! Kind of really proud of my 15 year old self lol

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