I Tried Wearing Hair Scrunchies for A Week! – KayleyMelissa

Today I’m showing you what happened when I tried wearing hair scrunchies for a week! I thought it’d be fun to test out some new hair trends, show you how to do the hairstyles, and take you along though it all!

—⟣Products Used:⟢—
⟣Find all the products here!
Herbal Essences Micellar Water & Blue Ginger Shampoo
Herbal Essences Blue Ginger Foam Conditioner
Herbal Essences Cucumber and Green Tea Dry Shampoo
Herbal Essences Soft Control Gel Creme

Blue Velvet: Amazon
White Sport: Scunci
Embroidered Floral: Forever21
Large Pink: Amazon
Furry Pink: Chloe & Isabel
Simple White & Gray: Scunci
Furry Navy: Chloe & Isabel


  1. i always wear Scrunchies.. because normal ones keep breaking

  2. That 90s hairstyle was my whole nineties experience…

  3. the Kayley Melissa day was totally my jam. I have naturally curly and long hair, so adding some crunchy to my braid would be refreshing! ))))

  4. I've been wearing scrunchies again since 2016.
    But I'm not big enough to influence people to bring it back >_< ;___;

  5. She is gorgeous and such a nice person

  6. I now require some cute scrunchies. They're my standard hair containment method, :P, but I need some cuter ones.

  7. Herbal Essences is the only shampoo I can use, because I have really sensitive skin, and I have an alcohol, (in soap ?) allergy.

  8. I LOVE my scrunchies, when I got them I thought they wouldn't be any different to a regular hair tie but they pull less on your hair in my opinion and look super cute, especially when coordinated with your outfit haha

  9. I have been wearing scrunchies for my whole life…

  10. She said back comb a little. Girl do u know the definition of little

  11. loved the scrunchie looks! I used to think scrunchies were for casual hairstyles but you make them look so classy! 🙂

  12. i've been obsessed with scrunchies since i watched this video

  13. I find the side braid to be extremely wearable actually.

    You have to makes sure that you start your braid a bit tighter though. That way your braid stays neat and the weight is more centered. When the braid is loose enough to cover your ear the weight distrubutes really awkwardly when you look down etc. (If that makes sense to you)

    I have classic length hair and I wear my hair in a side braid almost all the time.

    I'd recomend a rope braid to the side. It's acually the fastest braid to do (wich makes quite a differnece with my hair length). It looks really interesting because almost noone wears it and a loose rope braid doesn't change the texture of your hair as much as other braiding styles do, which is great if you want to sleep on it.

  14. I don't know why but this makes me so happy

  15. Scrunchies are so expensive (from what i saw in your video)! It cost not more than two US dollars in asia (well, at least in malaysia and taiwan), but those are definitely not branded LOL

  16. I just bought the dry shampoo you mentioned in this video and I’m so impressed! I’m so grateful you recommended it! Thank you!

  17. ok i’m going to buy some scrunchies now

  18. You put so much effort into this and I think you’re a genius! Xxx

  19. Hey, Kaley, you have inspired me a lot as I want to be a hairstylist just like you thank you for making amazing videos and carry on being awesome love you from Sadia

  20. Omg all of those "bad" 80s looks suit her so much

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