I Try the Instyler for the First Time!

My first impressions after using the Instyler Max 2-Way Rotating Iron for the first time! Let’s see if it’s hot or not!

Here’s a quick product review for you! Let me know if you enjoy this kind of video! I wasn’t sure what I’d think of this kind of rotating curling / straightening hot tool. It could be a total fail. What if I ended up like the girl who burnt her hair off?? Thankfully, it wasn’t! I was surprised to like this tool, but I did.

★What I Used:★


  1. I have one and my hair is short and it doesn't WORK ?i will try again!

  2. I have the old one so it doesn't spin in the opposite direction. I don"t really care though. If i want to curl my hair i just use it like a curling wand and don't close it. I love using it to straighten my hair cause you can use it to curl the ends rather than have pin straight hair. Also its great for straightening your bangs without making the limp!
    edit: I have thick hair, and have used it when my hair has been medium length and long.

  3. Have you done a video with those heated hair brushes? I am debating if i buy a brush or a flat iron. Thanks!

  4. We have… I should probably read the instructions

  5. My mom and sister swear by this product!! They both have fine hair… mom's is naturally bone straight and sis' is naturally really curly. Mom keeps hers straight but uses this for volume and to curl her bangs and the bottom of her hair under (occasionally, she will do a little flip on the bottom layer)… Sis uses it for volume and to straighten her hair. I look forward to trying it sometime for my SUPER thick, course, slightly curly hair to smooth it and give me those bigger curls/waves.

  6. I have a regular InStyler and it actually works better than a flat iron for straightening my naturally curly hair. I DO however have to still pass the flat iron over my hair to keep it straight and frizz free

  7. Still a god damned heat styler…

  8. I have an older version and I don't like so much the results at straightening because I already have a lot of hair and it looks with a LOT of volume and I don't like it very much. I would say that is not so great for thick hair that don't want much volume or for frizzy hair.

  9. I've been using the istyler for some time. I love it. Yes, you could get hair stuck at the end so stay away from it. I've also been using the instyler hair curler and the Maximus straightener. The straightener is really great. I can get my hair done in twenty minutes. With the wet and style, it would take me at least one hour.

  10. you are so beautiful and you hairs are so gorgeous ??

  11. I love that curl but I like curl my hair then 5 min later it's totally straight unless it's in a ponytail and I've done everything to try to fix that but nothing ever works

  12. Thanks for the review. really helpful! i just bought one n i hope my hair too looks as beautiful as yours.

  13. My girlfriend loved this product I would definitely recommend this to anyone ??

  14. you are freaking gorgeous and I love you hair!

  15. The side you said looked "70's-ish" looked the prettiest to me!

  16. Is it just me or does she look like Bridget Mendler…

  17. You clearly know what you're doing, because I had WAY more trouble with it. Nice look!

  18. i have it and i recommend it because it heats up in 30 seconds and its much faster than a regular staightener

  19. Can you try using this curling wand with your short hair wig? Pretty Please

  20. You have beautiful hair. I will say that I bought the original instyler and was not too impressed, but every time I used it, I got massively complimented on my hair. Every. Single. TIme. I let a friend borrow it and she broke it, so I just bought the instyler max…I'll try it again. Thank you for the video! 🙂

  21. Thank God you made this. I was so confused when I got this and tried to read the instructions!! ??

  22. I tried this and could not get even one curl. Im so sad, as I think I look awful, and I thought this would really help me. Ill keep trying.

  23. Nice Grav3yardgirl reference ?

  24. Her hair is already perfect

  25. i have one too is broken and i want to use it

  26. i burned my finger with it and it hurts a lott cx

  27. Great video,but u only used it the easiest way it's all about starting off horizontal then vertical using tensioon yiur hair & on the barrel the entire time.For volume place hair on the opposite way it sits normally then place barrel in at the back using your wrist create again tension over the barrel pulling it forward.just bought this one haven't tried it yet but I do have the one way Instyler.I promise u it will look better big curls with volume like beachy waves this is a great tool but takes patience and understanding how it works is key to salon results and so much volume . hope thTs helps out.

  28. it sucks !! i have one , doesn't work well , so much effort for an unsatisfying result !!

  29. i hate instyler its a waste product but nice review kayley !!

  30. I love my instyler.but hair spray is building up on my brush part how do you get it off.

  31. Doesn't she resound anyone of rosanna pasasino

  32. I feel like the more you get use to it the faster you can use it. I can't decide between this or that straightening brush.

  33. I think ur suppose to put the hot rotating plate AWAY from ur face, not towards it. just common sense?

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