If You Do These 10 Things Regularly, You May Be A Genius


Have you noticed a lot of people telling you that you’re a genius? Have you perhaps noticed that you’re talking to yourself an awful lot? Well, if you’re doing any of the 10 things on this list compiled by Providr, it probably means you’re an actual genius.

1. Talking to yourself

According to experts, talking to yourself allows you to concentrate and put your thoughts in order, which then leads to what you desire.

If You Do These 10 Things Regularly, You May Be A Genius 1


2. A small number of friends

You have fewer people to interact with which means less stress and social anxiety and that allows you to focus on yourself more.

If You Do These 10 Things Regularly, You May Be A Genius 2


3. Seeming stagnant

It may seem like you are doing nothing, but you’re actually just thinking because you have too many ideas rushing through your head.



4. Taking your time

Multitasking seems like a fuss, which is why you want to take your time to do stuff to make sure it’s as good as possible.



5. Messy

If you tend not to clean up after yourself, that’s no bad thing as that allows you to break out of tradition and discover new and unconventional ways to do things.



6. Doodling

Pointlessly drawing stuff on a piece of paper in front of you allows you to sketch and come up with new concepts.



7. Nonchalant

You can handle daily life even in the extreme cases. For instance, lying hungry for hours because you are too lazy to get something to eat which is a great skill in the case of a sudden national famine.



8. Delegate tasks to others

You aren’t lazy, you just forward tasks to people who you know will do the job quicker. Teamwork makes the dream work!


9. Efficiency

You’re too lazy to do anything that you don’t need to do.



10. Taking naps

Because our organs, especially our brains get tired, they need a boost every now and again which is why you need to take naps.

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