In Depth Bridal Tutorial + Lots Of Tips & Tricks | Jaclyn Hill

MAC Prolong Wear Concealer
Peach Smoothie
Creme Brûlée
Naked Lunch
Barcelona Beach
Smolder Eye Pencil
Velour Lashes | Strike A Pose

Tarte Clean Slate Flawless 12-hr Brightening Primer
Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation
Anastasia Contour Kit
MAC Pro Emphasize
Bobbi Brown Bronzer Golden Light
MAC Rosy Outlook Blush
Hourglass Luminous Light
Urban Decay Naked Lip Liner 
Pro Long Wear Lip Cream ‘Overtime’
Pro Long Wear Lip Gloss ‘infinitely likable’

*I know this video is SO long!! It was originally 40 minutes and I cut it down to make it more watchable (believe it or not)! I have done so much bridal makeup that I feel like I can talk about it for daysss! I really hope you guys enjoy!

p.m.s. This video took almost 6 hours to film lmao just thought id throw that out there.


  1. love it, and funny I just questioned the kill 2 birds with one stone saying today and you made the same reference,lol. great work.

  2. Omg jon's reaction at the end is so cute???

  3. I would love if you could do an updated version of this video. I have some bridal makeup coming up I have to do just wanted to see if you would change anything. Loved this video it was so helpful ❤️

  4. Jaclyn can you do an updated version for bridal makeup except using your palette?

  5. you are one of my top favourite make up gurus. i actually have a bridal makeup to do and your video helped me a lot. all those lil tips. thanks you so much and you are so beautiful.

  6. Pretty please do an updated bridal look for this wedding season Jacklyn!!

  7. I’m getting married September 21 2018

  8. Saying hi in 2018! I was wondering if you would do a updated video on bridal makeup?? I just wish to what do you think of this video and what would might do differently now?? Love you ?

  9. Even four years later, this look looks gorgeous. I am making up my first bride first week in April and this is so helpful. Thanks!

  10. You crack me up!!! and your wedding photos are adorable! love you!

  11. Awwwhhhh soo sweet, the ending credits, you can just see your eyes light up… I love your vids hun…

  12. You should do an updated version of this!!!

  13. Still can’t get over how gorgeous this is

  14. JACLYN.. I am soon getting married ? we are talking about it and I really trust you with your decisions and I would love to know your recommendations for like any companies for hair and makeup really anything that you possibly could xoxo ? I really hope you get this it would mean a lot, I finally did start my channel also love ! ??? Nicole

  15. JACLYN LOVE YOU SO MUCH GIRL.. I’m in jersey and I would love if you know of any suggestions for any makeup artists somewhat around or willing to come to New Jersey.. I will pay for the travel also!! “ for wedding makeup” if you could let me know it would so mean so much .. ?? ?

  16. I miss this Jaclyn…so much ?

  17. I still couldn't find an updated bridal look from you, seeing how many have requested it ? hopefully you have the time to do one soon!! I am doing my soon-to-be sister-in-law's wedding makeup in June and my own wedding makeup in September and would love to follow a new video with updated stuff and perhaps new tricks you've learned! Would be soooo appreciated! ❤️ I love that you explain the dos and donts ?

  18. I love this! I am getting married in May 2019 and I love finding makeup inspiration for my big day 🙂

  19. OMG this is the best video i've seen on youtube ever! Jaclyn you're truly gifted and talented!

  20. I'm getting married on April 20th and I'm really wondering how to do my makeup. I usually just use the it cosmetics cc cream on the daily but it has spf so I'm not sure if it'll flashback. So I'm nervous it'll melt off lol. Oh lord maybe I should just get an MUA to do my makeup.

  21. So I just did my first ever "planning my wedding" video! If anyone is up for supporting someone just starting out I would be so grateful! I'll be filming new videos as I go through the whole process before my wedding this coming August!

  22. Please do a updated bridal makeup tutorial!!!❤️

  23. Holy moly! Thank you so much for this video 🙂 I'm getting married in October and I needed every single part if this video. I learned so much!

  24. Updated version would be awesome!!!

  25. Watching this in 2018. Your tutorials are the best ??? please do an updated version!!

  26. Probably shouldn’t use mink lashes considering you’re supporting the skinning of animal, just saying. Minks are aggressive solitary animals and they wouldn’t be able to live free range with other minks or be brushed…….

  27. How long are the extensions you have here?

  28. please do an updated bridal look. I can't believe it has been four years since this video!!

  29. Can you do a new bridal makeup tutorial!

  30. Can you please please PLEASSSEEEE do another bridal tutorial using the Jaclyn hill palette?? I love youuu

  31. Thank u for this video. Doing a bride tomorrow, and tho I've done sooo many, this one is special and I'm nervous. Idk why ? so needed this refresh. Thank u

  32. Did you not put any eyeliner on the waterline?

  33. What color of the Giorgio Armani Foundation did you buy?

  34. You should make an updated bridal makeup tutorial. Maybe only using a morphe pallete. Just something natutal

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