Indian Spiced Egg & Spinach Wrap | Gordon Ramsay

Spicy scrambled eggs with spinach wrapped in a delicious naan. Once you have this, you’ll never look at normal scrambled eggs the same again.


  1. hey mate!awesome video!how long did it take you to make this video?

  2. Am I the only one who thinks that garam masala and turmeric was shit load for 4 eggs. I could make food for 8 with that much spice.

  3. He eats like half a stick of butter in one meal jesus, how is he not dead lol.


  5. Does is annoy anyone else the way Gordon pronounces naan
    It’s pronounced nan your stretching the a way to much

  6. why does everything need butter inside ,i mean in Australia we don't even use that much butter

  7. U R The Best anywhere in the WORLD!

  8. This is no where close to Indian food. We don't add turmeric to yogurt, it smells and tastes raw.
    And no, we don't eat this kinda breakfast

  9. this meal produced the worst smelling poopie i have ever made in my life!!!!! 🙂

  10. Chef's always say street food when they visit other countries and call them fucking burger vans in this country

  11. Why are all the other home cooking video not approved for United States?

  12. only 2 for 4 people wtf?`

  13. I am Indian and I do not approve.

  14. In Indian Dishes they use Turmeric,Garlic, coriander powder etc these Herbs which helps to minimise the chances of Cancer, though India got 1.32 billion population the Cancer Rate is Very Very Low compared to European countries , American and Australia. lot of other allergies doesn't effect human body because of these good herbs……….Rice & Water is the only 2 things which are non allergic to any human on the Planet.

  15. We Indians are generous when it comes to Spices and Butter ?

  16. I’ve never had Indian food but to me this looks too spicy. I feel like If I made this for breakfast it’d be too much.

  17. In which part of india did you taste this dish? I’m intrigued.

  18. Aint nobody eats that in any part of India
    Garam masala is used in only some special dishes and the amount of masalas he has added to omlete if i serve this to anyone nobody will touch it

  19. @Gordon Ramsey. Adding only butter and garam masala doesn't make you shitty food Indian. Learn cuisines first.

  20. i only have 4 mean eggs does that still work?

  21. Instead of learning or appreciating the food,poor Americans are Crying over the amount of butter put in,its common sense bitch if u avoid fat ,avoid butter,BITCHING BITCHING BITCHING

  22. I never found this streetfood anywhere in India. He's cooking up his own shit and calling it Indian.

  23. Worst breakfast i have ever seen ?

  24. Step 1: add butter
    Step 2: add more butter
    Step 3: add bobs and vagene


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