Indigo Mermaid Effects Powder – Five Colors, Three Designs, and Chaos Ombre!

Suzie experiments with Mermaid Effects Powder by Indigo, using Five colors to create three different looks, and a ‘Chaos’ Ombre Design.

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‘Indigo did not sponsor this video, I purchased the Glitters at a Nail Trade show in Edmonton last month. Have Fun!’


  1. HOW PRETTY is this????????? This would be GORGEOUS AT EASTER ?Much Love Suzie???

  2. I absolutely love the ombré one. It's so beautiful! I don't paint my fingernails probably because it's super short but these are beautiful. I wish you could do my nails! Love all your videos!

  3. Does she only do one hand and that is it? When ever I whatch her videos she only does one hand

  4. your UV light is so cute! where can i find it? LOVE LOVE LOVE all your videos!

  5. I was wondering can you do a video on Acrygel nails

  6. Hi suzie! what if you used a small brush to apply the powder to ombre the colours! Always such a pleasure watching your videos.

  7. very pretty love ur video's I learn alot if I didn't live so far away I would love to learn from you

  8. I love your channel so much omg❤

  9. can you do a spiral acrylic nail

  10. I'm getting my first acrylics today so excited I'm 12


  12. suzieee try cheap nail products and "review" them pleasee, PLEAASEEE

  13. such pretty nails, my only question would be is how would you apply acrylic or gel on the nail of a wide short thumb. The only way I can give you idea of how the thumb looks like is to Google Megan Fox thumbs. I have thumbs like these a I used to bite my nails alot and last year I stoped b/c I really want to start doing my nails hoping there is hope for me. Main reason for my biten nails was because of how my thumbs look so I told myself why bother. Anyway I have these thumbs and when I let the nail grow its not pretty ? since the nail grows for example more than a 90 drefree angle. So I cut my nail short, I want to see if you are able to aply acrylic or gel or even extensions on the thumb nail, making it appear somewhat normal. I really want to do my nails pretty like you guys. I have barely seen some people with thier nails done and they usually looked bad wide like thumb nail and also tilted back as if the nail was coming off. Once I have seen a lady with my thumbs in the train and it her thumb nail looked almost like a normal/common thumb nail, but she left and I could not ask her anything. Please can you make a video of how to do different nail shapes of these types of thumbs making them appear a bit normal looking ?. I am sure some people would find your video helpfull especialy if they are nail technitians if they end up with a client with these types of thumbs. If I spelled anything wrong sorry, I have to keep working on my spelling

  14. Suzie you should test the kiss lightning speed dip powder kid!!

  15. Stunning as always Suzie.

  16. Wow…Indigo colors…never thought about that.

  17. Very unique. I think french would be very nice with these shimmery colors too! I would love to see

  18. Hi Suzie where did you get the liquid dispenser! please!

  19. Can you do a video on how to grow your nails fast

  20. Suzie when will your starter kits be back in stock I really want to buy one ???

  21. When will your kits be back in stock? Is there a waiting list?

  22. Can you do a person's nails that has very little nail estate like less than Grant had?


  24. falhi pufafo. linda nemo ewelly eu 11eu amei

  25. I'm going into the world of gel polishes…yeah a little late but better than never right? There are sooo many LED/UV lamps to choose from.  Which do you recommend for a beginner?

  26. Suzie you are gorgeous and a fabulous teacher! Sending love and you have a new subbie from Australia ???

  27. The thumb ombre is absolutely amazing!

  28. Suzie, you make me want to become a nail tech more and more with each video!!

  29. She is sooo beautiful! Should do her own talk show !

  30. you should have a special episode/challenge where the camera tries doing nails for the first time, since he has watched and learned so much from you over the years.

  31. Suzie you are fearless, proud, and unashamed. You rock. You had me holding my breath during that ombre though but it turned out to be most beautiful of all. Go Suzie.

  32. Hello Suzie

    Have you tried using a tiny brush or dotting tool to put the gel top coat down? Then you can do little polka dots with the powder.

  33. I'm so happy you made this video, I love indigo products so much..

  34. HELP!! I got my nails done about a month ago and had to get them redone as they looked really wonky and the nail technician filed back over my natural nail to put on a new set. I've taken them off now and pretty much the entire surface of my nails has come off leaving my nails like tissue!! Someone please help what can I do??

  35. suzie! I need your help. I am out of nails forms (i only hand enough for one hand. not good lol). I was going to order some from nail coulture, but Max is out. do you recommend a good nail form I can order that doesn't require you to be a licenced tech to purchase it? Thank you!

  36. The camera man has learn more about nail than your students….
    And i love all his compliment.

  37. Susie I am really interested in what kind of nail polish you use that's not from ENC it was the polish you used in the how to polish professionally it was very creamy and opaque and I would like to purchase some thanks!

  38. I dont liked but is cute

  39. Your videos are so satisfying you're so incredibly patient and I learned so much from your channel this is amazing omg ! ! And you remind me of a cool mama for some reason hahah

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