Inside Out Nail Tutorial (Disgust, Sadness, Joy, Anger & Fear)

Inside Out is one of my favourite movies! It’s such a cute Disney movie, and it’s about the 5 different emotions that live inside a little girl name Riley’s mind (Sadness, Disgust, Joy, Anger & Fear) Today my friend Minnie is going to show you how to transform your nails into these characters! She is an incredible nail artist from Japan. I love her work so much and wanted to share her talent with you all.

Thank you so much for watching! Love you guys ❤


  1. holy lord..!!!!?? just lyk magic…how could u…???? HOW…?

  2. <—-don't click here please don't ???

  3. cutepolish, what's this music background by

  4. WHAT. I declare magic. I can't even draw a straight line on my nail ?

  5. She really sounds like Marzia!!

  6. her left nails are also so cute!!! she is really talented!!!

  7. only Minnie can do this she is amazing 🙂

  8. Amazing I can't even paint my nails right ?

  9. +cutepolish My favorite character from Inside Out is Joy because she is the MOST happiest character of all emotions. I think being happy is AWEOME! ????

  10. Minnie is so talented! I can't even draw like that on paper and she did it on her nail!!!

  11. This are write by mariana m sorry she said you suck and sorry

  12. I love this but on the first nail she drew something really inappropriate ❤❤ but I really love this

  13. you are really good at nail art tutorials

  14. love that alot I love this movie ????

  15. your so good at freehand painting!

  16. Where did you she get those paint brushes?? They're so tiny!

  17. 너무신기해용
    저도해보 고싶어요

  18. !!

  19. What if i will use Top coat As Base coat ??

  20. Minnie's just casually painting faces of movie characters on her nails and I'm over here struggling to put on a base color.

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