Instagram Hair Challenge: I Turned My Hair Into a Viral Flower Bouquet Hairstyle!! – KayleyMelissa

You asked for it! The Instagram hair challenge. For this I turned my hair into a viral flower bouquet hairstyle as you guys requested! It went…well….?

I hope you guys enjoy this part hair how to part challenge video! If you ever wanted a hair tutorial full of flowers, this is it!


  1. ??‍♀️ nu, cuz I can’t make those flowers at all xD

  2. Your so amazing and different in the way you do things ????

  3. Right Now I am thinking about wearing this hairstyle to a ball I'm going to Go to on sunday

  4. I would wear this to the school, out with the friends, in the bed, hec even when shopping, but the this is that I'll wear it in about 6 years. Just need to figure out how to do all of that with my hair. So see you in 6 to 10 years.?

  5. You have the CUTEST way of describing things
    “Like a lil puppy taking a nap on your head”
    “Make a lil boop!”

  6. I totally would have done the same thing and started over! Looks great!

  7. Hell no I wouldn’t wear that but great job

  8. Loving the Instagram challenge idea!

  9. I think I’d only wear it for something like a theme party ? I like the pink background for this video!

  10. I wouldn't wear this personally for a normal day but its so pretty!

  11. Im doing this look for my sis in law . Im a stylist in the big hair ball maryland n shes attending so i thought it'd be great advertisement for me

  12. being "funny" is not your thing. Don´t try to be funny, your thing is to educate not make people laugh with the baby voice. doesn´t work.

  13. I would wear that for a day. She has so much patience!

  14. I'd love to see more instagram challenges for you

    As for the hair, I'd wear it for instagram perhaps? But that's it. If I were to go anywhere with my head like that I'd constantly check if everything was in place


  15. you look like melissa benoist <3 supergirl I love all your videos ^_^

  16. you are a genius i sooo love you ❤

  17. I would like to make a bow on a hair. And maybe 1 'rose'

  18. Maybe have someone else do it on me for like a special occasion 🙂

  19. I would totally wear that hairstyle ??

  20. I've stumbled across your channel and you are so amazing! I don't know if you have already done this but could you do an Emma Stone hairstyle tutorials cos she's so gorgeous and love her hair! Especially in la la land ?? xx

  21. You did it so beautiful! I'm really proud of you!???

  22. This hairstyle is so beautiful! I would wear it for special occasions.

  23. you should do the braided hair bun thang from Gwen Stephani's sweet escape!!!!!

  24. I'd wear the style to a wedding for sure

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