Instagram Made Me Buy It – Hair Products Edition!

Instagram made me buy it, hair products edition! I wanted to see if these are worth the hype or if they’re total fails.

I hope you guys enjoy seeing me try some weird hair products!

—⟣Products I mentioned:⟢—


  1. I love the Ouai hair oil, but I have thick, wavy, more texturized hair. Hope this helps! 🙂

  2. Your entire look in this video is perfection. <3

  3. I'm mad that the Hush sprays are American only – they won't ship sprays to the UK and we don't have Sephora 🙁

  4. The pony popper looks a little silly to me because it looks like the base of the ponytail is too thick for the actual ponytail, but to each her own ^^

  5. Can you link to wear you bought the Pony Popper please?! It looks amazing!

  6. I can only wrap a holder around my hair twice already so pony popper not for me BUT IT LOOKS SO GOOD

  7. I looooove the Ouai Rose oil!!! I have fine, long, naturally curly hair and a lot of it. My hair because of my curl is super dry, the Rose oil I only have to apply to my curls every 4 days, were as with the Bumble and bumble hair dressers oil I have to apply every day to keep my hair hydrated. I only use about 3 pumps right after a wash my hair and then only 1-2 pumps after 4 days.

  8. I had the ouai hair oil and I didn't really care for it. It smelt nice, but beyond that, it did nothing special.

  9. Does the pony popper help with ponytail head aches too? I looks like it might lessen strain on the hairline

  10. That pony popper looks pretty cool. At least in Germany there is a product available that shall do the same, called pony puffin. Basically it is a blob of silicone, that shall be put between the ponytail. I don't know if I should trust their ads or if it is more kind of gimmicky. Is that available in the USA as well? Could you compare does two products? (Or maybe you'll find some more products like that and could compare all of them ?)

  11. how and when do you use the briogeo hair mask? I have it but i dont think Im getting the full results that everyone is raving about. could you do a video on like hair masks and steps? love how honest and down to earth you are!!

  12. I would love to see the colours on light hair too ?

  13. Could I ask you to do more makeup tutorials? Pretty please?

  14. Loooove this video! And where is your dress from? Its beautiful!

  15. I have butt length wavy/curly hair. I use an oil rinse (with baby oil) on my hair after shampooing, just on the last 5 inches of it. I wash it. Use about 10 drops of baby oil, spread through palms, and put on the hair, then smack my conditioner over it, and let sit 2 min., then rinse. It works like a charm! And I have long hair, but still very smooth ends!

  16. I bet you'll have similar results just from using the Herbal Essences Hello Hydration conditioner. It has worked for strong tangles for me for years (unfortunately we can't get it in Belgium anymore). But it's OK, I am on a product use-it-up for 2018 and I have a whole bunch of other stuff to use up! LOL!

  17. Love the Ouai Hair & Body Oil. I have thin, fine hair (quite a lot like yours) but it’s quite dry from heat and colour. I just use one (small) pump through my ends while my hair is wet and that seems to work ok for air drying or a blow dry. Xx

  18. Just a suggestion: have you thought about switching your intro to "Hey everyone, your friendly neighborhood stylist Kayley here"? Sounds sooooooo much better and stylistically it's
    correct. This double here hurts my ears so badly! :c

  19. You look straight up Ariana grande with a high pony

  20. Could you recommend cheaper oils for thick naturally curly hair?

  21. I started researching Argan Rain Argan Oil and figured I would try it in my hair and on my skin instead. I just love the way it makes my hair, nails and skin feel. I use this product on my hair and both of my girls and it helps to smooth it out. .

  22. You are very beautiful! Your videos are interesting and cute!?

  23. really really enjoyed this video. thank you ! although its quite annoying that you cannot get nearly as many sephora products in europe. sigh

  24. Ack! Wish we could have seen the sprays on your blonde hair too! Maybe next time!

  25. Hey Kayley! I love your videos and use your hairstyles all the time. My hair is super fine like yours, but I also don't have as much hair as you. When I try to curl my hair, the curls don't last for more than 30 mins even with hairspray or moose. What can I do to make it last more than half an hour?

    Also, I have a wedding to go to this Saturday. What side swept hairstyle would you recommend?

  26. I loved this video ❤️? NEED more like it ?

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