Instagram WEIRD Beauty Products TESTED! Brow Stamp, Paper Makeup, Foam Foundation!

Hello there! Today we have Beauty Products TESTED! Some of Instagram’s WEIRD beauty products for full face look! Brow stamp, foam foundation, putty highlighter & testing paper makeup. These makeup hack products are WEIRD!

This is a weird diy life hacks & testing out cool gadgets to make your life more simple and easy. These can help you in your everyday morning and night time routine. What video should I do next week? I’m thinking a prank or DIY or maybe even another testing gadget video. I love you guys 🙂 If you are new I do a lot of fun videos on awesome life hacks, diys, testing products, funny pranks, comedy skits and everything lifestyle and sharing tips and tricks to make your life easier. Subscribe if you aren’t already and join the weirdest family on the internet #outties 🙂


  1. traumatic music IT REMOVED MA FOUNDASHION!

  2. 7:03 did she say oh SHNAP????? I have so many questions ????????????????

  3. You look so pretty even without makeup!! ❤️

  4. Eyebrow stamper is epic, it works very well for me

  5. Please can I have that putty

  6. I love love love you so much

  7. Hi you are so cool

  8. I swear i saw one of them squishy highlighters in a store for quite cheap

  9. You are so pretty with and without makeup x

  10. Plz do a light colour mke up challenge

  11. I love your channel!!!!!!!!!!

  12. I love watching your videos I am a subscriber for life
    Shared your videos to my friends love ya girl?

  13. I love your work and videos I subscribed and hit the Bell and I also watch Beauty Buster's I love your channel so so much after school I always watch you

  14. #natficationsquad

    my favorite product was the foam foundation it was really cool and also can you please make some Natalie's outlet merchandise i watch you every time i can and i love u and i want other people to know how much i like watching your videos

  15. You know who needs that eyebrow stamp, Liza Koshy!

  16. oh my gosh girl you are too funny! I've been watching your videos for like 2 hrs!!

  17. Girl, don't hit your face with paper!?? And you can save money with the first hack, as you can get normal paper and just put foundation on it? e.a.s.y!!!?????

  18. you look pretty with makeup or not i love you

  19. Please give a shout out to me I love ur channel

  20. Did you know mehendi means henna?!!

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