INSTANT HIGHLIGHTS: Using Hair Extensions | Carli Bybel


  1. How to apply hair extensions as Highlights on curled hair with brown highlights
  2. How I personally apply hair extensions with red highlights
  3. How to fishtail braid your own hair

HELLLLO MY LOVES!! Yesterday we hit 5 million here on Youtube! AHH!!!! I can’t even believe it. Tomorrow’s video I will chat with you guys about all that exciting stuff! Its still surreal to me! Thank you guys SO much for sticking with me!! I LOVE YOU. Anywhooo In todays video I am going to show you how to add instant highlights without bleaching or ruining your hair 🙂 I did this look 4 years ago when I first started my channel!! I would wear a few caramel pieces to brighten up my hair color! It’s super easy to do and you can really add however many you want! Bellami is having their biggest sale of the year so I figured this was perfect timing to get this video up! I hope you enjoy! Love you guys so much. Thank you again. And make sure to check back tomorrow for another video 🙂 XOXO Carli



  1. HOW can someones hair be this stunning like wtf

  2. Its like every video I watch you get prettier and prettier.

  3. can u pls do this makeup look?? ilysmm queen u always slayy

  4. Your hair looks like it's 1 instead of 1B? I want to order bellami extentions but i want your exact hair color help ?

  5. Seriously, you are so damn beautiful!!

  6. such a good video carli, I've been feeling a little insecure lately as my boyfriend has been saying he likes girls with lighter hair and i have jet black hair.. I'm so scared to dye it cos i love my natural hair, this video really helped me cos i can play with diff colours 🙂

  7. do more fashion videos and a house tour please ❤❤??

  8. Hay Carli,
    where did you get this belts ?

  9. How long did it take you to get to that length!?

  10. could you please tell me where your waist belt is from? i have been searching all over for the perfect one and theyre so hard to find 🙁 love you so much!!

  11. It's currently 04:47am where I live right now and I've had no sleep bcos I've been binge watching carlis vids ?? no regrets

  12. Besides the highlight extensions is that your natural hair? if so it is gorgeous!!

  13. this may sound like a dumb question but how do you wash your hair extensions? how often, what soap, do you towel dry or blow dry, anything would help. I just got a set and I'd like them to last a long time at least until my natural hair grows more but I want to make sure I'm doing everything on my end to help them last the longest. thank you your the best

  14. You should do a video of how you do your curls! I would love to see in detail how you get such beautiful waves.

  15. Where can I buy that corset belt?

  16. I love u so much. From Azerbaijan with love ????❤️?

  17. Gigi Gorgeous and Carli look alike

  18. kim k wishes she looked as good as Carli ?

  19. I love your hair! It's so long and thick! I've worn extensions before but it makes my thin hair fall out even more..: what are your tricks to growing out your hair?

  20. you have such beautiful hair. you're so lucky it's thick. I wish I had thick hair :'(

  21. oh my god please do a tutorial on your makeup look. I need your help on how to do a cut crease

  22. Please make a video on how you apply hair extensions! ?

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