Intense Abs Workout Routine | 10 Mins Flat Stomach Exercise | NO Equipment

Intense Abs Workout Routine – 10 Minute Flat Belly Exercise ! Today I will be showing you my abs routine, how to burn your lower belly flat, tone abs, get a summer body, do beach body workout.


  1. Thank you so much,Nicolleta! I have been following the steps on this video for I think 2 weeks,and I can see my body starts to change a little bit,yes on first 3 days are so painful,but after that,that feels good,and can you do intensive workout for arms ? Thank you ^^

  2. Im dieing. I feel like vomiting after that. But I loved the video??

  3. Do this in the gym and it is so intense!

  4. I got alot of pain by doing this. ..It burnt my whole bodyy.

  5. Holy shit I died in the first 10 seconds…. and my "10 second rests" were like "10 minute rests" Fuck my stomach hurts

  6. thank you for uploading! that was awesome

  7. guys is there anyone try this and lose belly fat? cause im skinny but i have belly fat ,

  8. I do this video every morning before work along with some other workouts and I've seen such a difference!! I love this video AND Nicoletta!!!

  9. hi Nicoletta, I am quite new to your channel but I had to subscribe because the content of your channel is amazing! I have done this workout many times and it's so helpful. I was wandering if you could make a few more workout videos like this one? it would be very much appreciated if you did!! thanks for reading (if you did) I love you lots!! also I am very jealous of your body and looks so I am going to us you as my inspiration! I am going to work hard until my body is as good as yours!! thanks a lot??

  10. In how much time can I see results? (I am a pretty fit person, but I have a little of a belly fat). Thank you?

  11. She makes it look so easy??

  12. Hey how many times do I need to do this ?

  13. I just absolutely love how you keep us motivated throughout this workout!

  14. holy crap i did these and my butt BURNS!

  15. This isn’t a workout… it’s me being weird smushed into a ten minute video

  16. O M G decided to give this a try and I am dripping in sweat. I will definitely incorporate this in my regular workout routine. Thank you Nicoletta. Much appreciated ?????????? xoxo??

  17. Can you get a day person to deenstate

  18. I do this in my daily routine thanks for the video i loved it & downloaded it too?? the timer & the music really helped me to workout with fun and that 10 sec rest is cool ,? coz in other videos i Don't these all things that's y i love this video

  19. I just bought new clothes lol but I've been working out so much it's all baggy

  20. omg i did this and my stomach hurt so bad i felt like i couldn't breath

  21. am i the only one who felt so tired watching this vid?

  22. This doesn't work for me I did it for 1 month

  23. Omg the burn!! I did this the day before yesterday. Took a break yesterday and could still feel the burn. Did the work out again today. I didn't realize how much I'm out of shape!! Thank you so much for this video. I've been doing it with you and it is so helpful!!! I've been meaning to do the leg and butt one but by the time I get home everyone is asleep ? I'll have to do it before I go to work to get the exercise in.

  24. Seriously don't get how you can do this I literally felt like I was gunna die??

  25. This is so painful I could only do two

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