Intense Green Smokey Eyes Makeup Tutorial!

My name is An Knook. I’m 24 years old and live in the Netherlands. I have a big passion for Make-up and love inspiring other people by using my own face as my canvas. In January 2016 I started my own lash company called Annytude. Subscribe to my channel if you like to get a notification whenever I upload a new video.



  1. Thank you all for watching. This is I think my best Smokey Eye so far. ♥️ hope u like it.

  2. but not able to see the typing came inftont

  3. Cannot get enough of these Tutorials! So many wonderful YouTubers to learn from. Thank you An. I am now officially a New Subbie. Thumbs up from LONDON UK .. lol January 8th 2018

  4. Thank you so much for only using one pallet, I hate when make up tutorials have 50 different pallets. It makes it difficult for us (viewers )to mimic the look.

  5. New subbie girl. Love the ?. Keep it up. >3

  6. Beauttiiiiiiifullllllllllllllll this was… ????????

  7. From one professional make up artist to another.. you are truly talented girl! You do an amazing job! I'm so glad I found you I'm going to recommend you to all my clients!!

  8. Wow this look is flawless! Your blending techniques are fab!

  9. Hi..oops find the option for removing captions….luv ur video

  10. Hi…really nice makeup but all the time the description was on ur face ..could not see properly ..plz keep uploading but without description..thanks

  11. Honestly every look you do is so perfectly blended! It is gorgeous♡♡

  12. ألوان رائعة وعمل أكتر من رائع

  13. This is soooo nice!! Really love it! ?

  14. Can we use black eyeshade insted of blck gel liner?

  15. Beautiful! Love your work. You make incredible close up videos! Are you filming yourself? ?

  16. you are truly talented but your voice and your accent is annoying ..

  17. 너무너무 예쁘세요. 화장도 너무 잘하시구요

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