Introduction + Basic Products Review

Need ideas for your nails? Want to learn the art of acrylic nails? Then, I recommend that you…
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Camila Rojas
The Nails Queen


  1. love the way u do nails. you inspire me major, does the monomer sell very bad?

  2. Hi! I want to know were do you buy the products, you can tell us website? I'm from spain. Thank you.

  3. Me gusta tu canal, porque no haces videos en espanol?

  4. were can a beginner like my self get some supply's to do videos on my channel for cheap but not dirt cheap

  5. hiiii i am a huge fan of your work !! you're so pretty…gorgeous !and so talented…i wish you all the success of the world! keep going! ?☺

  6. camila first i love the work you do and second is a question i ve only done my nails once i would love to get them done again but iam nervouse because there was a lady that got aids because of the nail polishes had other people dna and i think when someone is bleeding they werent very clean and sanitary iamwondering what you do to keep everything so sanitized and what should i do to find a place were you know you can trust to get good service and saftey and cleaniness

  7. what is the nail cleanser that you use after you shape the acrylic…

  8. awsome, very helpful!!! do more videos PLEASE

  9. Do you cure your axxium top coat (the non cleanse one) in a UV or LED? I purchased the axxium and I use it in an LED lamp for 90s but it gets dull on me almost minutes after please

  10. Can you post a link to where you order your brushes?

  11. I was wondering what kind of glue would u recommend me, for rhinestones?

  12. Hola Camila, I am your follower on instagram and now i just got suscribed to your youtube Channel, I just want to congratulate you, your work is very good and ask you as well how you take care of the acrylic brushes? thank you for your time to share with us your experience.

  13. Hey girl im loving your videos. Quick question when you buy the cnd monomer do you buy it from there website or from like eBay or Amazon? If you can please right back ill appreciate it. Thank you.

  14. Hey Camila do you mind sharing were you buy your German kolinsky brushes from? Thank you ?

  15. hey camila its dima congratulations <3
    love your work

  16. Thank you so much for your videos! You rock! Also, how, much do you change for a full set & which part of Tampa are you located? Thank you

  17. +thenailsqueen do you think you could maybe do a video of how you would soak off and prepare for a new set?? When I soak off it takes forever! Any tips and tricks??

  18. Could you possibly do a video on how you would prep for a fill and the proceed to do the fill?

  19. How did you get started with the nail world?

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