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  2. She going to run to the restroom

  3. I thought Alison was going to mix it with throw-up.

  4. I drink green tea with 2 tea spoons of aloe Vera juice , 2 tea spoons of ginger and 1 tea spoon of honey before bed. I sleep like a baby.

  5. Here in my country we just peel wash and eat, its very very bitter

  6. The gel from the leaf is good for you. I filet it, and put it in my smoothies. She was mistaken. Unless it states on the bottle, or jar, or is meant for sunburn, and not pure. Then don't eat it. You want to be sure you don't ingest chemicals.

  7. Well its good to see that Lindsay Lohan is finally getting her life back together hosting this show

  8. When she damn near threw up after tasting the third one

  9. tf are you people on. This shit tastes blessed i drink like a 1.5L jug every 2 days and this shit makes my life way better.

  10. Tell me why my aloe juice comes with pulp ok it then

  11. She almost threw the f*ck uuupppp lmmffaaaaooo I'm dying!!!

  12. wow its so amazing how living in the tropics that out side ppl dont knw how much we have has remdies this is someting that my grangmam gives us before we eat anyting and has i speak am giving my daughter a piece because we grow up knowing its a laxative

  13. drinking aloe vera with pulp original <3

  14. This lady is WRONG. I just bought that exact brand of aloe vera GEL, and it is for consumption. Lily of the desert brand, aloe vera gel, a dietary supplement, whole leaf (filtered) drink 1-2 oz up to 8 oz daily.

  15. I don't know why people think it tastes so gross. It tastes like lemon juice mixed with water to me. Not bad..

  16. all these fucking experts…what a boore

  17. The gel can be eaten, what does she think the juice is made of? It's the green skin and the aloe latex that is not edible.

  18. I didn't know Lindsey Lohan was working again.

  19. You bet your ass its dangerous to your intestines. Drank a little before bed thinking it was "soothing for your stomache" spent the next day at school shitting aloe. Dont do it

  20. "So do not use the gel." Absolutely wrong, the gel is not only for topical use, it is very edible. What a retard. Most people use the gel in smoothies, they don't press the skin. It even says don't confuse aloe gel with aloe juice, sure they are different but aloe gel is food grade to. Is this person an "expert"?

  21. The bimbo didn't mention that the outer skin of the leaf is a laxative. The gel can be blended and put through a strainer. A juicer would work perfectly . Put just the gel in.

  22. I just bought some Lily of the Desert Aloe Vera Juice. I am going to start drinking it daily tomorrow…I'm a little worried about the taste but I used to drink shots on the weekends I can drink this! haha

  23. you are somewhat rong you do not want the outer leaf just the inter white part the jell and nun of the yellow jell. and buy the way the brand in the brown bottle is one of the worst brands on the market as far as testing shows one of the better ones that is cheaper is gnc

  24. It's the most tasty drink ever in my opinion!

  25. Its the most disgusting drink ever so just drink a teaspoon fast with one gulp

  26. I love aloe Vera in mango flavor 😀

  27. why not just use regular lube or spit? 🙂

  28. I found a great aloe juice is great for acid reflux constipation and have help a lot my inmune system!!! check it out. it comes in strawberry kiwi, pmegrante and cranberry apple!!! send me a message if you will like to know more!!!!

  29. beware brands that use carrageenan in their products. which is a known cause of serious GI problems including cancer. carrageenan is NOT a natural product as the companies claim because they think all consumers are stupid. the chemical used to extract the gel from the seaweed is not natural nor safe.

  30. There are many aloe gels you can drink but I get better results with the juice. I use it to treat severe acid reflux.

  31. I love Lily of the Desert aloe juice! I put a tablespoon in my glass of water every morning with lemon juice too!

  32. pure aloe vera, not so much. You can't taste it much if you use it as a base in your smoothies

  33. Not at all, but you get used to it!

  34. I heard it can also help people with joint problems. I have rheumatoid arthritis and I've been trying to look for natural ways to cope.

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