Is Chicken Soup Actually Good For the Cold? | Fit or Fiction

‘Tis the season of the common cold, and we’re always looking for ways to remedy the congestion and sore throat. Grandma recommends chicken soup, but does it really do the body good? Watch this video to see if you should be slurping soup next time you’re hit with the virus.


  1. Just had some bit to long ago (10 min ago) and has cleared my stuffy nose?

  2. add miso paste by replacing salt, it will increase the flavour depth in the soup

  3. It's not magical. It's making it from scratch.

  4. Works for me. I’m sick right now

  5. How about the fact that the common cold was first derived from people in close proximity to chickens and has since mutated into the various forms we know now therefore chicken broths or soups work almost as a vaccine. Read some books for a change instead of blogs.

  6. And I have a cold right now =] thx

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