Is your shower damaging your hair?


  1. Lol my hair is so thick I have to split it in half to wash it

  2. What do you recommend to use for fine hair? I have really fine hair and my hair looks thin . I have no volume

  3. I have a pretty stupid confession to make that will make other people possibly realize not to get too cocky with their hair lol! So I haven't been to a hairdresser in years because I've been growing out and undercut and avoiding hairdressers like the plague.. BAD CHOICE. For a long time I've been having problems with what I thought was dandruff caused by a dry scalp, I've had flakes like no other and could not for the life of me get rid of them! I've tried every kind of treatment, oil, shampoo, everything, and it would help momentarily but the flakes would always find their way back to my scalp. I've kind of given up on ever having flake-free scalp again, until I decided to take the plunge and go to the hairdresser to even my hair out. The moment she put shampoo on my hair and started scrubbing, I've instantly realized the error I've been making all these years – I hadn't been scrubbing my scalp nearly as roughly as I should have! The flakes and dryness I've been getting were in fact YEARS worth of build-up of product and shit on my scalp because I hadn't been washing my scalp properly. Facepalm! Needless to say, the moment I started scrubbing my scalp the way my hairdresser did, all of the dryness and flaking went away. Just goes to show- sometimes it takes a professional to re-teach you something you thought you'd already known.

  4. When your hair is oily and you have to wash the ends as well..

  5. Helpful for those with high porosity straight hair. However, this does not apply if you have low porosity and/or curly hair. Low porosity has trouble absorbing moisture so always wash with warm water and then apply your moisturizing hair creams, leave-ins, oils etc. And curly hair has to be detangled in the shower or else you end up with a puffy mess when doing it dry.Also avoid shampoos with sulphates and conditioners with dimethicone (silicones) trust me on this one!

  6. Im sorry but just some creative criticism, there is way too much verbal activity going on. I am exhausted. Edit, edit, edit. Very informative, but too much talking.

  7. I always shower in cold water lol

  8. i have a habit of massaging my scalp when i'm relaxing which is great but not when your not trying to wash your hair lol

  9. Brushing the hair before shower was a really good tip. I never thought of that… Thank you!

  10. Why I had not seen this before??!!

  11. Thanks for the video
    But can you please write down what did you say..!

  12. I turn the shower as cold as it will go for about 5 seconds before I get out of the shower and that helps.

  13. Wow, I literally was already doing all of these tips! XD
    A tip for long hair: after you condition your hair, braid it down your back loosely. This helps keep your hair out of the way as you do your other shower stuff, and keeps it bunched together and protected from possible damage. Once you're done you can unbraid it and rinse out the conditioner. 🙂

  14. Is it true that if you have hair that is longer than shoulder length you should condition before you shampoo

  15. Before I started watching your videos, I never thought that people washed their hair every day… I wash it every third or fourth day and my mom always tells me that's to often… She washes her hair once a week and has such healthy hair, but my gets greasy much faster…She would wash her hair on Sunday and next Saturday it would perhaps show some grease and I can't get through the third day without dry shampoo 

  16. This is so good for getting extra volume! My hair feels so good!!

  17. tangle teezer for the win! best that every happened to my fine hair

  18. where did you get you make up holder (the stacked tray)?? it looks amazing!

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