It’s Time To Bring Back Matte Manicures

The matte trend may be currently in the field of makeup, but that doesn’t exclude the fact that it is excellent for nails as well.

Many people might agree that the world pushed it a little too far with the looong, sequined, rhinestoned, striped, glittery nails that were so huge in 2016. Which is why we need to go a few steps back, back to class, to simplicity if you will.

And these matte nails will most definitely inspire you to make those steps. Class is not a trend, it’s a staple.

1. Metallic with a matte top coat – even those sequins look amazing on this.


Source: Instagram | @allnailseverything

2. Matte chevron ombre.


Source: tumblr | essie

3. These cartoon nails are perfectly playful without crossing the line of too much.


Source: Instagram | @nailsbyjema

4. Does it get any better than gray and lace?


Source: tumblr | littlesisterbeauty

5. Nude matte screams lady.


Source: Instagram | @laquenailbar

6. So simple, yet so statement.


Source: Instagram | @yo_keshh

7. Try an accent nail.


Source: tumblr | mandiiemartinez

8. By far my favorite, the shiny tip is awesome.


Source: tumblr | el3tric-ej4culation

9. These look like a tribute to the classic Eden perfume.


Source: Instagram | @doobysnails

10. A glossy Marylin accent nail, and all other are matte? I’m getting my nails done after this.


Source: Instagram | @laquenailbar

11. A stunning Marsala manicure.


Source: Instagram | @theblacksnowqueen

12. Actually, scratch that from before, these are my favorite.


Source: We Heart It

13. A glittery lining.


Source: We Heart It | @vanessalachula

14. Let’s call it The Evil Queen manicure, because if she did exist, this is what she would have on her nails.


Source: Nailpolis

15. Ooh, negative.


Source: theFashionSpot

16. And an elaborate galaxy design for the craftier.

matte 16

Source: Instagram | @lieve91

17. Two blacks, and gold. A simple look, yet it screams drama.

matte 17

Source: Instagram | @alexianailsoficial