JACLYN HILL X MORPHE PALETTE – Smokey Cut Crease Tutorial (2)

Hi Sweet hearts! ♡♡ Omygossh… Where do I need to start! Yesterday was one the best days of my life lol! My video first got shared by Lauren Curtis on snapchat and later also by Jaclyn Hill.. And she even shared a link to my video on Twitter. Jaclyn Hill has always been my biggest inspiration so this was a dream come true to get noticed by her! And the fact that everyone was so happy for me made it even more amazing. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart for all the sweet comments. You guys are THE BEST!! I hope you enjoy this second video which I filmed with the Jaclyn Hill X Morphe Palette. LOVE XOXO


  1. Omg I actually recreated this look I’m so proud of myself ? not as nice as yours of course but I’ll finish the rest of my face and send you the results on ig!

  2. Subscirbed!!! Mooi gedaan! en je engels is goed hoor If u know what I mean 🙂 <3

  3. I loved the way you explained it. I'm a little slow & you made me feel confident enough to try this.. thanks! definitely subbing

  4. Your makeup is Fire ? you kill it every time ? ?

  5. Glitter cut crease colour please XXXXXX ?

  6. WOW you are so talented 🙂 this is the second video of yours that I have watched. I am blown away.

  7. Omg I can go and say like a million stuff about your tutorials ??

  8. Super cute!!! So cute that I’ll love to recreate it ?

  9. Girl no wonder she does, your looks are my fav, everyti I recreate your looks I get tons of comments

  10. This is beautiful I absolutely love it!

  11. I swear every time I see your eye looks, you have Jaclyn Hill's eyes. But your eye looks are way better than hers. Flawless

  12. I love all your videos!! I was wondering can you maybe do more videos with the Jaclyn hill palette please

  13. Awesome…I'm in love with your makeup

  14. This is stunning! You are so talented

  15. I love your work….excellent excellent ❤️❤️❤️

  16. I love your tutorials ?❤️

  17. How about using drugstore makeup with it, rather than mixing it with higher-end. HELLO!! Morphe is not higher end. You should've stayed with the same level of makeup, rather than making it harder for others to copy the look.

  18. I finally broke down and ordered my first morphe palette and this is the palette I chose. I'm so happy you did tutorials on it!! An girl your makeup skills are above every youtuber out there. You are FABULOUS AND AMAZING! Don't forget that!! Love all you do girl!!???????

  19. I can never get it as beautiful as you… ? but its so gorgeous, you must have put alot of time into this! ❤❤

  20. Beautiful! ???? what camera/ lens do you use to film? ?

  21. This is absolutely beautiful ?

  22. You are amazing! This look is insane!

  23. W.O.W. You are simply amazing with applying makeup! ? Your truly gifted and make it look so easy. Thank You for your teaching.

  24. Sweety Jaclyn Hills no dummy she knows like the rest of us your the Queen of Cut Creases and its probably just as cool for her to see you use her product to make your masterpieces. LOL

  25. The way you say "enchanted" makes that word sound even cooler than it already is lol I love your accent and your insane makeup skills ??????

  26. It’s pronounced this way a biss (abyss)

  27. I love your videos, you made me want to do a tutorial with that palette on my channel!!!!!!!

  28. YOU are VERY TALENTED, my Dear!

  29. I just love your videos ….they are best ever eye makeup tutorials…..can you do a video on simple everyday eyemake ?

  30. you really did not just a great job, but an extraordinary job! youre my idol now.

  31. what's the dominant language in The Netherlands ? AND THIS IS BEAUTIFUL

  32. i don't hav word to describe …i am speechless after watching it video???

  33. I've subscribed and legit added this to my playlist of favorite makeup looks! One of the best looks I've seen period and with jaclyns palette!! ??

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