JACLYN HILL X MORPHE PALETTE – Smokey Cut Crease Tutorial

Hi Sweet hearts! ♡♡ Hope you like the first video I created with the NEW ” The Jaclyn Hill Palette ” By Morphe brushes. I personally like the palette but so far only have used the Matte shades.
Give this video a thumbs up if you enjoyed ♡ And let me know if you wanna see more looks created with the Jaclyn Hill Palette. Love you XOXO


  1. HOLYYYY FIRE BALLS!!! This look is making me giddy!! I am seriously picking my jaw up off the floor. ?❤️

  2. I LOVE this look! Yes, please do continue demonstrating all kinds of looks from the Jaclyn HIll Palette! Thank you so much for sharing your amazing skills!

  3. This is so beautiful and yes please more videos using this palette !!!??‍♀️?☺️

  4. It's so beautiful and spectacular make up video I liked it and learnt apparent way to apply make up

  5. Do you think I can achieve this look with the morphe 3502 ? I wanna do this look for my prom

  6. I don’t mind if you pronounce some words incorrectly love because you are FLUENT in slaying your makeup looks ???

  7. PLEASE make more tutorials using the Jaclyn Hill palette! And please also try to include looks that do not involve a cut crease or winged eyeliner. Thank you so much!!! ??

  8. idk if its just me, but cut creases look so majestic, like how tf did you do that…?? Now i know

  9. Tarte silk Amazonian clay eyeliners are amazing for the water line.

  10. This is like the best tutorial ever. Like tRuLy

  11. Oh my god! You are so beautiful and talented. Amazing work

  12. Can you make a tutorial all around the 35f morphs pallete

  13. OMG girl! this is so damn lit!! Thanks for sharing! Will be recreating this for sure on my channel (and obviously giving credit) xox Just Subbed as well ^-^

  14. OMG THIS IS BEAUTIFUL ????????????????????????

  15. Jaclyn and An should do a collab ????

  16. You're so freaking talented ??

  17. Gorgeous! You are the queen of cut creases 🙂 I would love to see more looks from this palette as it is also one of my favorites. I have recreated a few of your looks and I absolutely love them. So thank you so much. Xoxo

  18. Your amazing!!!

  19. Just love your way of blending ….new to your videos and big fan of your work and talent ….

  20. Waar krijg je die pads voor onder je ogen? I need that ??

  21. OH MY GOSH i just found your channel and i'm SHOOKETH ! How do you not have millions of subscribers!? We'll get you there! Keep up the amazinggg work!

  22. So much talent I can't handle youuu ????

  23. She tried to say transition shade but she said trashshsh shade ??looks nice though

  24. I am obsessing over these cut creases. This is so beautiful, I am definitely going to re create this look ♡


  26. loving all the jaclyn hill palette tutorials!!! i can't afford the palette right now, but am trying to recreate as i own a ton of old makeup!!!! haha!! thanks girl! x

  27. Dit is geweldig? Ik woon ook in Nederland?? en ik wou vragen waar je de meeste producten haalt

  28. I love that you get very very close up like there's no guessing how you did something I can see it all , thankyou ! I'm definitely subbing , this is my first video I'm watching of yours and I lov3 it!

  29. The shadows apply lighter than the palette, because the palette is a white/ color contrast, and your skin is tanned, so the lightest color is a lot lighter than your skintone, and will show up that way. Especially when you consider lighter colors on darker skin turn the skin an ashy/chalky color.

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