Jasmine Sanders’ Met Gala 2018 Hair & How to Wear it Everyday!

Thanks to your requests we’re doing Jasmine Saunders’ Met Gala 2018 Hair and how to wear it everyday. We’ve got both the red carpet hair tutorial and some easier inspired hair styles.

I hope you guys enjoy this video! I love the braid and the roses together SO much and wearing this felt actually magical. I hope you guys try out the easier versions; I bet you’ll love them!!


  1. So beautiful Kayley! I absolutely loved the Met Gala theme this year! So many wonderful looks <3 <3

  2. 6:13 "oh florals for hair.. groundbreaking" ??I love you more now because of that A+ reference

  3. Please do a video on the best store brand hair shampoo and conditioner brand's
    I'm definitely going to try the third braid

  4. Lmao loved that DWP reference ? nicely done!!!

  5. Soo pretty! Love that you make some wearable hairstyles out of it too!

  6. I REALLY liked these! Do more!!

  7. Awesome how you taught both ways total glam and everyday options!!!!

  8. Loved the everyday versions too! the second one was my favorite!

  9. I Love it! I want my wedding hair to look like the red carpet style!

  10. I would also really like to see a recreation of Blake Lively's met gala hair, and also how to maybe adapt it for shorter hair?

  11. Omg omg!! 0:11 is me!!! I feel like I have won all the things!!

  12. Beautiful as always!! Can't wait to see more videos from you!!!

  13. I love your videos so much. You’re actually my favorite hair stylist you tuber. I’d love it if you could do a video on all ‘friends’ hairstyles. That would be amazing!! xx

  14. it's so important to credit your sources, thank you SO MUCH for being excellent in all you do!

  15. I really liked this and liked how you gave similar everyday ones.

  16. beautiful! follow me on the gram charlotte_mchugh.00 🙂

  17. Amazing

    Can you do some of the cool hairstyles we see on DWTS?

  18. I love the format of this video. Hair inspo plus wearable variations. And the Belle clip was everything.

  19. loving the everyday versions of the hairstyle! super helpful and really cute!

  20. I recreate almost everything you do xD …not always successfully but whateverIf I don't know how I want to wear my hair that day, I put your channel into a video-randomizer and whatever comes out will be it… unless it is a curling tutorial, I look ridiculous with curls

  21. Amazing work. I love the idea of taking inspiration for that incredible hairstyle into something easier and more everyday. On the second one, I would also consider after the crisscrossing to wrap a small section with ribbon before braiding to bring that ribbon look in, but it looks gorgeous without it.

  22. I love that you added some everyday options for this gorgeous hairstyle! It makes it so much easier to incorporate new, cute hairstyles into my busy life. Great job, Kayley! You rock!

  23. I love the idea of everyday versions of fantastic hair. ❤️❤️❤️

  24. Loved the real hairstyle and the everyday versions!

  25. Ooh! Could you do a video on ideas for how to use ribbons in your hair?

  26. I'd love to see more like these! This gave me some good ideas!

  27. love love love the recreation AND the practical ways to wear it too!!!! thank you for sharing C:

  28. Recreations with wearable recreations is an awesome idea ?!!!

  29. There is nothing I love more than some Renaissance realness

  30. What hair extensions do you use ??

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