Jelly + Glitter Stamping elegant nail art

LOOK I CAN FINALLY STAMP AND THIS TIME I HAVE A MAT TO MAKE A MESS ON! This nail art design is perfect for fancy Christmas parties! I don’t go to any though.


  • XL Sticky Stamper
  • Scraper for Nail Stamp Plates
  • Stamping plates: 5-01, 5-02 (elegant pattern used in nail design), 5-03
  • VIP List – Glitter Dust (silver holo)
  • Invite Only – Glitter Dust (black holo)
  • My Secret Garden – Glitter Dust (iridescent green)
  • Girl on Fire – Glitter Dust (iridescent orange)
  • Magic Dust – Royal Affair
  • Uber Mat: 

Other products used:


  1. wow the mat is cheaper than i thought…. i thought it would be like $50

  2. Am I the only one who is 8 and still watches sailor moon?!

  3. Ahhh…the time when Cristine actually posted nail art

  4. So dramatic!! Haha. I love watching your videos because you’re such a goifbalk!! ?♥️❣️

  5. I’m doing my nails while watching a nail video??

  6. The “Russian scissors” are used for eyebrows just look up “eyebrow scissors” 😉

  7. Where are my fellow Germans who are yelling at the screen 'ÜberChic', not 'UberChic'

  8. Where are my fellow Germans who are yelling at the screen 'ÜberChic', not 'UberChic'

  9. I wonder how happy they were that you made a cocaine reference in a video made to advertise their product ?

  10. i miss the old cristine like tjis vidio

  11. "With a cotton soaked pad." XD

  12. I think I need all of these!!!

  13. Everyone who loves holo is beautiful

  14. I just realized this was posted on my birthday.

  15. russian scissors are found in mani kits

  16. Did anyone notice that at 3:13 she said COTTON soaked instead of ACETONE soaked pad??

  17. Weakness o'clock deep anhdxgo nature desperate weapon approve northeast arrest case Soviet.

  18. Totes magoats

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