Jelly Nails with a Chrome Twist

Suzie builds a stunning set of ‘Jelly Shoes’ inspired Nails. This step by step tutorial covers everything from the Gel Application, Sculpting with Hand Files, painting Chrome Gel Base and Chrome Gel Polish to complete the Jelly look.

Products featured in this video:


  1. These jelly nails are lush! As a relatively new nail technician, I am learning so much from watching your tutorials and I enjoy them so much. I am due to start my training using light elegance at the end of the month and I’m super exited! Thank you for sharing your expert knowledge x

  2. Susie, I mean this as a compliment but you like the Bob Ross of nail art. I love your videos they're relaxing to listen to and informative to watch and your nail designs are always so beautiful! I do want to know why you don't want acrylic or gel in your cuticle?

  3. You must have a great time doing your own nails with those model nail beds! ?
    I remember thinking it was hard to do other’s nails after being used to my own…?

  4. I got the Joya Mia Aluminix base and I love it. It’s less messy than using chrome powder and looks very cool under glass gels which I’m totally obsessed with right now!

  5. You should have camera guy pick out your nail design

  6. Suzie can you make a french fade but with gel and the white part is clear that would be cool

  7. I wish my local nail techs were as amazing as you lol you literally have so much knowledge and you’re familiar with not only all the different types of products and techniques but also the latest trends….. like you’d make my nails so perfectly shaped and formed so amazing ughhhhh I need a good nail tech

  8. Have grant get the jelly shoe manicure!!! I love it and I think he will too.

  9. You were in your teens in the 80's yet you look young in the 20's?!

  10. When Suzie's natural nails are usually the length you keep your fake ones at >.< so pretty! love the color!

  11. Sooo gorgeous! Totally jaw dropping. I love how you camouflaged the nail bed too = brilliant!

  12. 15:24 "without the forms on, i have a clear image…"
    a clear image, yeah.

  13. I used to LOVE jelly sandals when I was younger!! ?

  14. omg i remember jelly shoes, your take on jelly shoes nails is stunning!

  15. ‘To create that jelly look nail’ HAHA

  16. Do you give your camera man a manicure?

  17. So gorgeous!!! And the silver underneath the jelly colour is such a great idea to keep the beauty of the look for a whole month without seeing the growth of the natural nail underneath! Definitely love them!!! 🙂

  18. Can you please give us tips/make a video on yellow nails and how to get them to look white again ??

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