Jenna is a Genius! Food Nails! Suzie Responds!

Jenna Marbles inspired Suzie to sculpt beautiful encapsulated Gel Nails with Food!

Products used in this video:


  1. I wanna see a Suzie and Jenna collab

  2. I love Suzie ? she seems so lovely

  3. Jenna’s been in the beauty community since her first ratchet salon episode

  4. I never thought I'd hear Suzie say "Vagina" on here. I'm deadddd.

  5. Cameraman face reveal at 2 mill

  6. Omg you should do Jenna’s nails!! That’d be so amazing?

  7. HEEEYYULLL YEAAHHHH ohmygod I love this!

  8. we need them both to do each other’s nails

  9. Jenna, SuZie commin for you girl!

  10. I have a basketball game tomorrow

  11. Simplynailogical needs to do this!!!

  12. You should say "let's get started shall we." From threadbanger Corrine while clicking your nails together. 🙂 would love to see that.

  13. Jenna and Suzie need to get together…and SOON!!

  14. this whole video had me thinking about terrariums. Can you guys imagine how amazing (nature, not food) terrariums would be?! all different shades of green inclosed in a clear gel nail?! If I had any talent at all I’d be trying it right away.

    also while I’m here i love jenna and suzie sm

  15. suzie you are the most stunning nail artist on youtube shout out to kirsty of naio nails lol sorry kirsty i love ya girl but suzie wins my most stunning award your just amazing your art your glamer your soft spoken voice your natural beauty your smile is amazing suzie and i love your glasses, I'm nobody just a watcher of you love bug and your stunning art. mar

  16. Chilli nails, the spiciest new trend sweeping the beauty community!

  17. Jenna, girl, you finally got accepted into the beauty guru community

  18. As Jenna would say "aahh hell yeah!!" Thank you for not making a 'reaction' video and doing this video!! You totally got on her level!!

  19. It looks like amber. Nice combinations of colours and textures.

  20. Suzie you need to have Jenna on your channel and do her nails for her! Or give her a one on one tutorial! =D

  21. Simplynailogical has put food on her nails three times that I can remember, now Jenna and Suzie. I really hope this doesn't become the next 100 layers XD

  22. Omg that looks so pretty but you couldn't scratch your eyes or nose it would burn so bad if it starts to chip away ??

  23. "Lets face it, she's hot" go Suzie ?❤

  24. Put these on grant's nails. I bet he would stop biting his nails!!!

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